Day 32: Richards, Texas – REST DAY

Whew! A beautiful sunrise over Mexican Hill Ranch. A lazy big breakfast with a slow pace. A little hair trim by Wayne the barber and 2015 and 2016 rider.


Erny and Doris gave us a hay ride of their 80 acres and their love of Texas countryside and their 37 head of cattle all with their own name. You know a guys like Erny, he said we would have an hour ride and it was two. It was great and the cattle seemed almost tame because of Erny and Doris’ care.


A nice lunch and nap, swim and massage with the promise of milking a cow later. A great rest day.


9 thoughts on “Day 32: Richards, Texas – REST DAY

  1. A well earned rest. I Like your hair cut. The whole day looked like a very enjoyable day and a book of great memories. Really enjoying your pictures.

  2. I’m enjoying the ride.Glad you got a much needed rest.Always good to take care of ourselves.
    I’m gonna buy you a razor when you get back.Be safe.

  3. Catching up on your diary and so glad the freezing windy days broke out into bluebonnets and more. Hill Country is so lovely, glad to see it’s so enjoyable for you. Great big smiling bearded face while you milk a cow! Love to you. Pittsburgh Dave is with us and am sure he’d want me to send his love, too. Be careful and be well!

  4. Tres, you look great and you are obviously having a great time. Continue enjoying this once in a lifetime experience. Love,

  5. HOWDY!

    We finally had to say how Very Proud of You we are! Keep up with your Great Adventure! And Thanks for sharing!

    We Love Ya’ Oodles & Oodles!
    Me & Rusty

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