Day 26: Concan, Texas – REST DAY

A sleepy, foggy rest day at River’s Bend Cabins on the Frio River. I slept over 11 hours to wake to a big breakfast and some stimulating political historical conversation with fellow rider, Jim H from Chicago. Started to sprinkle and went to the cabin and begun reading, Life is a Wheel. Great book. Not a conducive day for much of anything. Had home made ham and veg soup with sandwiches and fresh fruit. The two “youngest” riders of the trip, JT-23 and myself went for a cold plunge in the Frio. It was great.


A nap and dinner then one of the local fiddle masters, Dick Walker and one of his child students, Camille Sanders, who had grown up being taught by Mr. Walker accompanied him and gave our group a one-and-a-half-hour show next to the campfire. It was fantastic.


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