Day 24: Comstock to Brackettville, Texas – 73 miles

Hard long day with 10-15 mph headwinds all day. I rode the first 28 miles alone with lots of hills but not like yesterday. We had to be escorted across the Amistad Reservoir bridge by the local sheriff.


I rode with a small group after that for the rest of the day. We had lunch at the famous Rudy’s BBQ, pulled pork, ho made beans and slaw. Fabulous! Long afternoon with the latest roll in of the trip so far. You know the drill, tired blogger, short post. Peace and love.

4 thoughts on “Day 24: Comstock to Brackettville, Texas – 73 miles

  1. Sometimes just reading the word “headwinds” makes me shudder. You are a brave fellow!
    We are thinking of you-
    Leslie and Tony

  2. Peace and Love back to you with positive thoughts for added strength and a tail wind to speed you toward your goal.

  3. Tres Dawg, no matter who makes the beans, it’s not nice to call them a ho!

    I’ve heard some great things about Texas BBQ, and I’m sure you’re getting the best of it. Stay safe my friend!

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