Day 21: Marathon, Texas – REST DAY

A roadrunner runs across the road of the third largest national park in America and the least visited, Big Bend. A great excuse for the small but, united Smith family to enjoy their last full day together.  It had been decided that the first thing to visit was the Hot Springs on The Rio Grande River near Boquillas Canyon.


It was overrun with families and kids but, it a beautiful day. The spring was hot.


The river was refreshing after the hot spring.


A nice lunch at a picnic table overlooking the river under the oasis of a palm trees. We took pictures and drove to the Chisos Basin, home of the featured image, Casa Grande. It was stunning and amazing with incredible rock formations.


Mariella to join me with the ride group for dinner and hear about their Big Bend rest day. She has been such a welcome help to ensure I got a little extra rest and attention. She will stay in Marathon tomorrow while I go on with the group to Sanderson, Texas.

6 thoughts on “Day 21: Marathon, Texas – REST DAY

    1. A jak samolot nie robi tego co chcesz i jeÅ›li masz coÅ› mówić – 70 m, 50 m, 20 m. Nie powiesz 5m tylko – wyÅaldowÄ…‚. A jeÅ›li nie lÄ…dujesz to ? Odliczanie sygnalizuje odczyt wysokoÅ›ci.

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