Day 20: Marfa to Marathon, Texas – 57 miles

Very cold and windy rollout of Marfa as we headed for Marathon via the very cool town of Alpine. A rise out of Marfa that lead us to the Marfa Lights. I did not go last night. It seems the routine of cross country cyclist is not conducive to being up past an established bedtime. The terrain changed into beautiful mountains and rock formations.


A stop at the “Bikeman’s bike shop and a cruise in for lunch. Homemade minestrone with BLTA and cinnamon roll with coffee. The southwest Texas folks have a great vibe of not taking themselves to seriously. Note the Target store.


Some more windy miles into the rest day in Marathon. The littlest freewheeler wisked me off to the Gage Hotel. Sweetness.


3 thoughts on “Day 20: Marfa to Marathon, Texas – 57 miles

  1. Tres, hope you found something nice at that Target store. Enjoying the scenic pictures. Keep them coming.

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