Day 19: Van Horn to Marfa, Texas – 75 miles

This was a 36 mile day for me today.  I must mention the SAG staff’s response to my mechanical with my rear wheel was fantastic yesterday. 2 support vehicles within 10 minutes. Rose Murphy, ride director and Pete McCabe, SAG staff took me to lunch Lickety split and on to my hotel where the wife was. The mechanics, Coach and Chandler, took my bike to Valentine and changed out the wheel with a loaner wheel from staff member, John “the Murph” Murphy and put my cassette and put my old seat post and new seat clamp on. I would not have wanted to have been in better hands. My fellow riders who I was riding with could not have been more supportive. I would not have wanted to be with anyone else. Thanks Bubba, your great staff and ALL my fellow riders for the continued care and support.

My lovely wife drove me to Valentine, Texas, population 217 and I was reunited with my refurbished bike and after some small adjustments I was on the road again.


A long flat then gently rising chip seal of a Texas road before me with some gusting winds that could change a little but ended up at my back. I stopped for a break across the road from the US border patrol spy plane.


It did not seem like a secret to me. A lovely roll into eclectic Marfa and the Hotel Paisano. They were both headquarters for the film making of Giant. No country for old men was filmed here some, too. The wife is taking great care of me. Great burritos at Mando’s.


I want to thank everyone for the great comments on my blog and their loving support. It means the world to me.

9 thoughts on “Day 19: Van Horn to Marfa, Texas – 75 miles

  1. Glad to hear you’re still peddling onward T-Dawg. I love getting those emails most every day saying you’ve made a new post. The pics look awesome, and even with some disappointment the last couple of days, it was evened out perfectly with your wife being there.

    Keep up the good work, and pedal fast. I’m going to need me some more of that Ruskin Handmade soap in the near future!

    Safe travels brother!


  2. So glad that you are back together with CIA. Wishing you the best of luck on rest of your journey. Let me know if I need to bring my black mamba Cannondale for you to ride. Dog

  3. Sorry to hear about the temporary mechanical problems. I have seen you get through worse. You are an Eagle Scout , HOF torch carrier, and will no doubt resume the ride with your usual brand of enthusiasm. Especially after getting to see Mariella. Rode the neighborhood today thinking about you. Jim

  4. “It means the world to you” !….. Why not “Ride around the World” next ……..? Ride on ! Stay well !

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