Day 18: Ft. Hancock to Van Horn, Texas – 72 miles

A nice rollout from Ft. Hancock with the group I rode with yesterday. A great group of experienced riders. The countryside continued to be vast, agricultural and beautiful. We saw horses and cattle.


The road rose again and we climbed some more. After the first SAG stop the group took  a break in a good spot in the climb. The climbs can go on for miles. My roommate noticed a wobble in my wheel. I checked the rim and it had broken and failed at 27+ miles today.


My day was done. I got a SAG RIDE into lunch and found out the tour mechanic and staff have a loaner wheel I can use for tomorrow. I got dropped off at the El Capitan Hotel in Van Horn to my loving wife.


The group had to be rerouted for the night after a report of 55+ mph winds tonight. No camping in Van Horn. They will stay in the gym at Valentine, Texas. Tomorrow is another day. Peace. The littlest free wheeler.


8 thoughts on “Day 18: Ft. Hancock to Van Horn, Texas – 72 miles

  1. Boy Tres, you take on all these problems with such a great attitude. That’s so you.
    Our love to you both,
    Yum & Ged

  2. Good News/Bad News day.
    How fortunate was the timing of Mariella’s visit.
    Wishing you renewed strength and a safe journey,


  3. I can see smoke coming through your helmet when you saw that whhel. I’m telling you, leave that bankrupt POS at Walmart and buy a Huffy

  4. That broken wheel might have been a good thing.I would have been thanking God because I probably would have needed a break.Perfect timing you got to spend more time with your wife.

  5. Wife looks lovely, wheel not so much. Don’t know that there is anything I can do to help but if there is. let me know.


  6. TRES—Was reading your blog as prep for the 2020 coast to coast. Info is valuable especially the one on the wheel failure. I have two wheel sets for my trek Domane+. One is a Rolf Vigor Disk set. The wheel that failed seemed to be a Rolf. What did Rolf have to say about the failure ??

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