Day 15: Columbus, New Mexico – REST DAY

Our second rest day of the trip. We had another hour or so to sleep and eat a later breakfast. We went to the Pancho Villa State Park for a lecture about Pancho Villa’s impact on Colombus, New Mexico. Basically a local hardware owner promised to purchase arms for Pancho and he gave him $50,000 to do it with. The hardware guy did not give Pancho his guns so he raided Columbus killed 10 including the hardware guy and burned some buildings to the ground.  The lecturer was a WW II vet pilot that gave a long talk about the First Aero Squadron that was in Columbus in 1916-1917. Nice guy. Cool museum.


We then went to the border and went to eat lunch at the Pink House in Palomas, Mexico. The town is also known for cheap dentistry and dentures and some pharmaceuticals. The town had a great laid back vibe. I took a walk away from the group and found the park with a bandstand and a beautiful Catholic Church.


I prayed for everyone.  Pink Store had great food, music and all kinds of Mexican art.


A busy but good rest day.
Muerte Rider

5 thoughts on “Day 15: Columbus, New Mexico – REST DAY

  1. Tom and I are enjoying you daily blogs and pictures. You are having a wonderful trip and we are all along with your ride.

  2. Ha! I thought from your previous post Pink House was a factory outlet store and you were buying us all sweatshirts. I should have known better. You are Spatacus for that 95 mile day.

  3. Rest and relaxation! Something I can relate to! I am so impressed by what you are doing, and really enjoy seeing your posts and pix. Keep up the good ride, and enjoy your brief stop.

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