Day 11: Tucson to Tombstone, Arizona – 73 miles

Huge climbing day right out the shoot rising out of southeast Tucson. The climbing was beautiful and STRENUOUS. It seemed like I bonked during this first 25 miles of climbing. It was hard.


3700 feet of climb.  The scenery did change and the Sonoran desert is gone because the mighty Saguaro is gone.


More mechanical problems with the seat post. Called Carl and with his guidance and my roommate seemed to be fixed. Tired blogger, short post.

9 thoughts on “Day 11: Tucson to Tombstone, Arizona – 73 miles

  1. On a serious note, I hope your seat problem gets fixed. That has to be annoying. On a humorous note, define “bonked” as in, “it seemed like I bonked during the first 25 miles”? Be well my Friend.
    – Gibby

  2. 1. I know you’d like to ring someone’s neck regarding the seat issue, seems preventable but I’m talking out my ass, that is my forte’, but it just ain’t right
    2. maybe at this point have someone tac weld it
    3. I passed a guy yesterday with no seat and thought of you, just stay standing
    4. Yesterday was not a good day in politics, seats and a couple other things so it can only get better
    5. Your lack of concern over spelling makes me laugh out loud “STRENOUS”, you didn’t even try
    6. I have a seat in my living room and the only time it goes up and down is when i get up to refill my popcorn

    1. I’ll fix “strenuous” for him. The guy’s blogging this whole thing using only his cell phone, so we can cut him some slack on the spelling. 🙂

      1. That was my favorite post yet, after 73 miles on a bankrupt bike, dog didn’t give a damn ’bout no spelling!

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