Day 9: Catalina, Arizona – REST DAY

My foot problem had motivated me to lower my seat post a little and consider a shoe and SPD cleat on my rest day. Coach, the tour mechanic was invaluable help after I broke my seat clamp bolt. We scheduled a bike shop visit that afternoon. It left the morning, after a beautiful breakfast by Anne, a leisurely walk through Catalina State Park. Great lunch. Coach took me to the local Trek in Oro Valley and they were great. Replaced the bolt in the clamp and got a spare. New shoes and SPD’s. This was very anxious afternoon. Hopefully better day tomorrow. Great dinner of steelhead trout. Peace.


2 thoughts on “Day 9: Catalina, Arizona – REST DAY

  1. Hope the adjustments on the bike and new shoes take care of your problems. We are on your team with positive thoughts for a safe journey.

  2. Good Morning Tres ! Safest journeys today ! Glad you had a rest day ! Blessings and Love from all of us !

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