Day 6: Dateland to Gila Bend, Arizona – 52 miles

Another beautiful morning rolling out of Dateland. I hit something with my rear tire that cut the center of the tire and made it flat.

The tire was not repairable. I had the old tire in the bag and one tube and I made it the rest of the day without a problem. Curly was there with a few others and he asked if I wanted the nut and cap. I told him I did not use them. Curly dryly replied is that because you will be taking that tube out 10 minutes from now. It was hilarious. 35 miles on I-8 then off. The desert continued to be vast and huge.


There seemed, as we went on, a harshness that was innate with this part of the desert. A great Mexican lunch at Sophia’s in Gila Bend and a little turn out to the KOA.


It was becoming hot by the time we got to camp.

9 thoughts on “Day 6: Dateland to Gila Bend, Arizona – 52 miles

  1. Always amazed at images of the dessert including yours. Looked on google maps to see where Gila Bend AZ was, and saw the bright green rectangles of irrigated land. They always impress and frighten me. Did you meet any ‘old crabs’ as the sign indicates?? Peddle on my friend!

  2. Beautiful pics and landscape, the road looks like it sucked to ride on though. Haskins says always use the cap (presta only). To me the nut just seems to help when pumping. Thanks for posting, have fun!

  3. Was the flat tire a traumatic event or just a bump in the road? j/k
    I know it was no big deal.Looking forward to tomorrow’s post.

  4. Tres Dawg! My man, I knew you were starting but I didn’t know when until the USQRRA March newsletter came out. Glad I caught it still on the early stages. I caught up all of the reading, and you’ve got some great pictures already. Looks like the weather’s taken a turn for the better the past couple of days, and I’m sure it is best to get a couple of bad days out of the way.

    I wish you the best on your rides, and know that I will be thinking about you and wishing for some great riding days ahead for you. Keep up the good work, and pedal steady my friend.

  5. Awesome Tres. I remember you talking about this for years. You are an inspiration and the definition of what I strive to be as a person. I love you . Steve McIntyre

  6. Love the commentary and the pics. Great that you are following your dream and we can be a part of. Peace D

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