Day 5: Yuma to Dateland, Arizona – 70 miles

A lovely evening at the Yuma National Guard Armory with a great massage by the therapist, Margie and a fabulous Asian night meal from the tour chef, Culinary Insider, Anne. We left with a little more chill in the air but gorgeous again. The first 20+ miles were through the “lettuce” or “salad” bowl of America.


It was incredible riding with what appeared to be booming Agro-business.


There were many huge farms.


This rider thought during this section of the ride that if the moon had a garden it would look like this.


We left the “salad” bowl and the desert took over. A great lunch at Jac’s Whistle Stop Diner in Tacna, Arizona.


Warm roll up out of Tacna to the SAG and the to I-8 for some interstate riding. We pulled into the Dateland RV park and the date capital of the United States and home of famous date shakes.


On a personal note, I received a message that a dear mentor and friend passed away, Chief Joseph Trainor. “Fireman” Joe befriended me when I first moved to Tampa, 34 years ago. He encouraged and used his influence to have me go to the local state of Florida firefighter school.  It was a galvanizing moment that changed my life forever.  Joe was a special unselfish man that always seemed to see the best in others. To his wife Lois and all his children my deepest sympathies and condolences. The world is a smaller and emptier place without my buddy Joe in it.

6 thoughts on “Day 5: Yuma to Dateland, Arizona – 70 miles

  1. This trip is an inspiration to all of us Tres. Sorry to hear about the passing of your friend. Our thoughts and prayers are with you as you grieve and continue on this ride. God speed friend!

  2. Looks like beautiful scenery. I’m sorry to hear about your friend. You’ll have to tell me the story about fire fighter school sometime.


  3. Watching the weather map and tracking your journey. Sending prayers and positive thoughts for more days like this one and continued stamina for the days ahead. Thanks again for sharing your blog. Fondly, Ruth

  4. Tres, I am sorry to hear of the passing of your friend Joe. Keep him in your heart. Ride for him. Peace.
    Love, Gibby

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