Day 3: Live Oak Springs to Calexico, California – 63 miles

Another overcast day with all our clothing on. We crossed the Tecate divide and it seemed like it just started to rain again.


This day we had all our clothes on. The big downhill was very challenging with windy rain with gusts that were moving the riders. The pavement was slick from the rain. Our hands were getting sore from the cold and clutching the brakes. Lunch at the Red Feather Cafe. Cheeseburger supreme.


I knew we were in the desert as I passed Crucifixion Thorn.


Calexico is an interesting border town. 🙂


8 thoughts on “Day 3: Live Oak Springs to Calexico, California – 63 miles

  1. Hi Tres, we are following you every day and we can’t wait to hear the rest of the stories. This is so exciting!!!We wish you safe travels, and the wind be in your back!
    Message from the dog: “don’t forget to lube up!”

    1. I am very much enjoying everyone’s comments, and I know Tres is getting a lot of encouragement. Love to you and your family, Jenny. — Mariella

  2. Dawg! Do you know what they call a Cheeseburger Supreme in France? Ride On, Brother, Ride On!
    – Gibby

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