LA river bike path and Bixby Knolls

Another gorgeous day in LA.  From the featured image above, the bike path is shared with horses especially at the busy roads when an underpass is used. On my ride, I experienced a horse rider waving from his dirt trail below. A 33-mile round trip north on the LA River bike path. A much more industrial corridor, but really a good plan for the freeway corridor.


Underpasses makes all this work.

imageSome straight outta Compton graffiti.


The trail just ended and it seemed such a shame.

There was a neat park in Maywood, California that had a cool presence on the bike path.

image image

Lunch in Bixby Knolls. Sweetness.


2 thoughts on “LA river bike path and Bixby Knolls

  1. Hi Tres, it’s Craig’s sister, Pam. This is fantastic! We are following your ride, and are inspired by your determination and dedication. Best wishes to you and your littlest free wheeler for a wonderful adventure. Ride safe, Pam

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