I was able to ride with 4 close and dear friends a couple of days before I left that I have known for over 30 years. This was what my cycling has come to mean to me. It was an expression of that joy and togetherness.

As the day to go to San Diego fast approaches with all the necessary preparations in place, no small agenda. I will meet my brother in LA put my bike together.  I am struck I am leaving the littlest free wheeler for longer than I wanted.

imageOff I go at O dark thirty to LA to meet my brother and get my bike and mind together.


I had a 49-lb bike box and a 51-lb rolling duffel checked in. The other stuff hanging off the back pack was the essentials that were pared down to keep the baggage at limit. Onward. Tough scene leaving the littlest free wheeler behind. Onward to LA.

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