Katy Trail-Day 1-Clinton to Sedalia-40 miles MOL

A downpour in Lee’s Summit where we stayed with Rachel, Rich and Chrysa’s daughter and she took us to the start of the ride. Great start in Clinton. 

The chat aggregate trail. New bike working well. 

Windsor, Mo a great trail town along the way. 

Chrysa has a friend who was renting cabins along the Katy. 

We took a part of the trail Chrysa and Lolli are working on in their home and across Missouri. 

It was a beautiful day more pics. 

Katy Park. Sedalia. 

Great day. Pedal more on gravel is harder. Peace out.  Tres

Tour de Wildwood enroute to BAM on the Katy Trail. 

The trio were out fairly reasonably to do the Tour only to experience rain, fog and wet roads. 

WE decided with what was ahead to head on to Owensville and get ready to drive across the state and join the weeklong in Clinton, Missouri. The Niewald house and grounds were great. 

Internet in the country along the trail will be interesting. Stay tuned. KC BBQ tonight peace out. Tres

BAM on the Katy Trail-Urban St. Louis ride with Tom

I was up at o dark thirty to meet my C2C friend, Tom Fleming, at his house across from Lafayette Park. 

Tom and Audrey. 

We were to have a shop ride from where he worked atBig Shark Bike Co in Downtown St. Louis. 

We went past the original Bud plant. 

Tom was a remarkable St. Louis historian and he was riding along giving me all the pertinent history about the places we were cycling through. He was amazing. A bridge engineer James Eads was instrumental in constructing some of our Civil War era bridges and some ships. 

A store that had been converted from a church. 

Tom’ plan was to go to the Jefferson Barracks out the road and a bike path past a casino. It was cool. A few pics. 

Note the cannon gate and rifle barrel fencing.

Bevo tower/windmill in the Morgan Ford section. Built by A Busch II for respite before going to the farm. 

On to Tower Park. 

On to the Grove district as they were setting up for a festival. The Handlebar. 

St. Louis Grand Union Train Station tower, now a hotel. 

Back to Tom’s neighborhood for great coffee, the best, creamiest mini quiche I have ever eaten AND gooey butter cake. We had a 32.5 and we were hungry. Tom’s neighborhood. 

Tom could not have been any more fun and generous with his time. Much love brother. Dinner on the Hill. Tour de Wildwood tomorrow, a morning event, then to Cinton, Mo and the Katy Trail. Peace out Tres

Bam on the Katy Trail-Chattanooga to St. Louis

A beautiful morning in Chattanooga. Oatmeal and killer coffee at the Mean Mug. 

The hotel’s pool and main lobby. 

Street art for Leslie. 

A beautiful sunrise over Nickajack Lake. 

Nice ride through the mountains that flattened out into big farms in Tennessee, Kentucky, Illinois and Missouri. I met my hosts, Rich and Chrysa, in Maryland Heights and away we went for the annual botanical show at the Missouri Botanical Gardens. A few pics. First the corpse plant. 

The grounds. 

A great dinner with my C2C friends near Lafayette Park, Rich, Chrysa, Jim and Tom and their wives. Tom and I doing a shop ride around downtown St. Louis today. More to come. Peace out Tres

BAM on the Katy Trail-first stop Chattanooga

On the road again. Early rollout from the very successful candidate of District 5 Countywide Hillsborough County Commission, Ms. Mariella Smith. New Tampa Bay Times Endorsement that was again glowing with strong praise. I always miss her.

A regret of no pictures of the south to middle Georgia cotton fields. They were green, white and huge. Quite beautiful in there own way. A steady 600 mile drive with little problems even Atlanta was human. Rest stop in Forsythe. 

I am staying at the converted Chattanooga train station in the back in a huge place. The Chattanooga Choo Choo Hotel. A few pics.

Right twice daily. 

I got a little rest then took an urban bike excursion. Some bike lanes and some streets without. It did not seem to bike friendly really more walking friendly. I went by the UT at Chattanooga stadium. Practice was going on.

The downtown next to the Tennessee River was beautiful. A pedestrian bridge to a very cool side of Chattanooga. A few pics.

A few more pics of downtown. 

Seafood gumbo Nola style. Then bluegrass on the walk back. St. Louis tomorrow. 

Peace out. Tres dog

Florida Trail at Little Manatee River State Park-6.5 miles

I had a gum surgery on Thursday and was advised that I should take a couple of days off with no strenuous exercise. I decided to hike an old favorite in my backyard. 

I did trail maintenance on this trail when I first moved to Ruskin. Florida Trail Association is such a great organization. They help ensure the trail is maintened with work days. 

The trail was wet but not bad at the start.

There is a cross trail that cuts the whole trail in half. 

There is a primitive campsite. 

The trail was gaining more water on it but, still was nice. 

The trail goes by the Little River Manatee and it was really flooded and this was when the hiking got more like water slogging. 

The trail was overgrown due to summer rains. It was butterfly heaven.

There was a big tree across one of the bridge paths next to the river. This was where the river had taken over the trail and the water could go up to knees and hips. This bridge was underwater to my knees. Note the poles that are almost covered in water. 

Much harder walking but still beautiful. 

Peace out Namaste Tres

Day 7-RAGBRAI-Iowa City to Davenport-77 miles-1755 feet of elevation

It was to be a long day with a need to be at the shuttle bus and gone by 2 PM. So we headed out again at sunrise. I must comment that I sometimes complained about having my gear on the truck before 6 but it was always one of the prettiest parts of the day  Leaving Iowa City. 

Lone Tree, Iowa

West Liberty was hopping. 

We left and went on to Cedar River. 

More beautiful scenery. 

New Era Church was on the route and it was very cool. 

Blue grass music. 

Home made baked goods. 

The run in from Bluegrass to Davenport. 

It was a great week. I was able to drive to Hannibal, Mo, birthplace of Mark Twain. It was  raining when I was leaving but a few pics.

Mississippi River

Drove through Nashville, terrible and passed this. 

Peace out Namaste Tres

Day 6-RAGBRAI-Sigourney to Iowa City-64 miles and 1610 feet of elevation. 

This would be a little easier day and it was appreciated. 

We got into Keota and it was nice.

BUT, Wellman was hopping.

Wear what you like. Note the old drinking establishment. Every little place seemed to have one. 

On to Kalona, the meet up town. Beautiful place where there was Amish farms outside of town. 

Onto Riverside. 

Iowa City is home of the Iowa University Hawkeyes. Chrysa and I were riding in town, while Rich was back getting his bike checked and going a steep downhill to take a left hand turn, she hit a poorly marked road hazard and fell on her side. The community services officer at this dangerous corner was sitting in a chair with herself and no traffic cone to warn the rider. The other volunteer services were great and took Chrysa and bike to campsite then the medical tent. Her RAGBRAI story is not done. Stay tuned. 

Peace out Namaste Tres