Dod Warrior Games 2019-Wheelchair Rugby-Tampa

I was asked to officiate wheelchair rugby with athletes that would not normally classify into WC rugby. I reffed the second and third day. 

The commissioner came the second day. It was fast and furious. 

Commish watched the Canada vs Air Force game. 

I did the Bronze and Gold medal rounds the last day of competition. Troy and Joe were coaching Air Force and Navy, respectfully, in the gold medal game. 

Full tilt!

Air Force beat Navy in a tightly contested game. Team Australia beat SOCOM in the bronze medal game. 

WHEW. Peace out Namaste Tres

DoD Warrior Games 2019 Adaptive time trial cycling-Tampa

I parked in Ybor City and ride some of the bike way to Riverwalk and Bayshore. 

The cycling. 

10 time in country Army Ranger veteran Corey Remsberg. As seen on ESPN. True hero and patriot. My luck to be there when he headed out. 

It was a great day. I guess I am done with this now. All my veteran friends and buddies. Thanks for getting me home. Peace out. Namaste Tres

Footnote: DoD Warriors Games 2019 were honored with a commendation from the Hillsborough County Commission given by our own Commissioner Mariella Smith. 

5 Boros NYC ride and some other stuff

We left early and got to midtown Manhattan in fairly easily. We were at the New Yorker Hotel. A historic hotel in a great location  but it was packed. Went to Stella 34 in Macy’s for lunch as we headed for Mood fabrics of Project Runway fame. My lunch was good. 

The neighborhood was interesting. 

We got to Mood and it was hopping, Not like in 2014. Swatch the famous dog. 

My lovely wife had planned dinner arcSardi’s and Hamilton. Both were super. 

I am not a musical fan kind of guy but Hamilton was all that and the bag of chips. 

What a day, big crash and a noisy neighbor had me up at 8:00 am foraging for coffee and pastry. I was to put the bike together and got Bike Expo. The wife was going back to Mood and uptown to shop. I went to google for my route to expo. 

The Expo was great and it was Saturday and it was hopping. Note bike valet. It was not raining when I left began when I was at the expo. The expo is great to see products but also different travel and adventures. 

I was sent foraging after my nap and my wife’s lovely return for pastries and other things. I went to Penn station but went by the midtown post office first. 

Went to steakhouse at MSG. Early up tomorrow. Rain expected and colder temps and it was exactly that. All Gore Tex and waterproof socks and gloves team. 

I do not do the mass start and get on the route from midtown around 7:30 am. 

Stopped us at Central Park for official VIP first wave. 

Wet and cold. Quick stop in Queens. 

Over Verrazano Narrows bridge. 

Out to Staten Island ferry and home. Peace out Namaste Tres

New Iberia, La EXTRA

Got a shower, some sleep and more fluids and then got lost driving to New Iberia. A few valiant Spaniards from Malaga, Spain came over in 1779 and stayed. The downtown was very cool. 

The church. 

The radio station. 

The band. 

Home tomorrow. Peace out Namaste Tres 

Day 3-Cycle Zydeco-Breaux Bridge to New Iberia, La-35.5 miles. 

I awoke with my stomach a little cajuned. Rich had gotten their car last night because he had a bad cold. Chrysa and I were to ride and meet Rich in New Iberia. I did not have a ton of gas but wanted to go and did. It was another beautiful day but WINDY. I started out in front and realized I was not in my best form. In Bayou Teche. 

A mansion house before St. Martinsville. 

SAG, bayou and church in St. Martinville.

I was feeling a little better after the SAG. Chrysa really pulled, see featured image, when I could not. 

I was needing to stop more and at 35.5 miles I was all in. Rich came and got us. I got my car and will go into New Iberia after some intensive restfulness. Drive home after breakfast tomorrow. Depending on New Iberia may attach a late add on to this post. Happy trails Namaste Tres

Day 2-Cycle Zydeco-Sunset to Breaux Bridge, La.-48 miles

A fairly quiet night at the hotel EXCEPT for a fire alarm at 12:25 am. Three years ago same thing happened on C2C 2016 in Opelousas. A side note we had dinner with some local cycling people on C2C and they planted the Cycle Zydeco idea. We are to shuttle to campground and begin riding. The building at the campground is a cock fighting arena. 

It was a beautiful day and my favorite expression, chamber of commerce weather.

Windy at us and behind us on a twisting and turning route.

A member of the tribe. 

1st SAG is in Leonville. Rich had a mechanical problem with his seat post and still did not feel well. 

Next stop was Bayou Teche and Arnaudville. 

We had a brewery SAG at LA 31. 

More open road and into the levee. 

Crayfish farm.

Into Breaux Bridge. Great town. Shrimp and Grits. 

More Music. 

Peace out Namaste Tres

Day 1-Cycle Zydeco-Lafayette to Sunset La-36 miles

It was raining when we woke up and we had a plan to hangout until the weather cleared at the coliseum where we were to park for the week.

We got to Scott and had coffee. Got to take some clothes off too. 

The rain had stopped and the day got nicer. 

Grand Coteau, La. 

A quick roll from there to Sunset, La. Duck and Andouille gumbo with rice. 

Night next to Evangeline Downs racetrack and casino. Camp at Sunset looked real soggy. Weather to improve for tomorrow. We were really pretty luck today. Peace out Namaste Tres

Day 0-Cycle Zydeco-Lafayette

We awoke to learn that the storm from Texas would be in Lafayette tomorrow about roll out time. Stay tuned. Rich, Chrysa and I went to registration and it was in the old U of L gym. 

Rich needed to take a break and Chrysa and I did a 14 mile urban ride around Lafayette and the university. 

The Cathedral of St. Jean. 

We got a little turned around but we ended up at a French settlement, Vermillionville. 

Some pics. 

We had gumbo, fried chicken, mustard greens, red beans and rice, corn bread, iced tea and bread pudding at the cafe in Vermillionville. Back on the trail to U of L. 


Got back for Zydeco. 

More tonight. Peace out Namaste Tres