Day 1-Bike Florida-Edgewater to Canaveral National Seashore to New Smyrna Beach-45 miles

We had a C2C 2016 reunion dinner last night at Ourriggers. Great food and some tales  were told. Sherry and Mary Ellen are locals, see yellow shirts. Great fun. 

I am staying at Casa Niewald South in Port Orange, Florida. Great stay and oh so comfortable. NCAA on all the time when in. Not sure about that Virginia pick. We collected up this morning and out we went. 

The road was great. 

The water, too. 

The rest stop going out to Canaveral after we went through New Smyrna Beach on the way. 

We got out to Canaveral Seashore and it was beautiful. 

We left the park and headed down the beach. 

The beach front lunch. 

The road to the barn. 

This lead to afternoon ice cream in honor of C2C 2016 rider, ice cream aficionado Tom Coe. Cheers, Tom.

Little Jake and the Soul Searchers tonight. Hot time in Edgewater. Peace out. Tres dog

Bisbee to Douglas, Arizona

We had a great breakfast in our room and I set out for Douglas. It was about 26 miles pretty much downhill on the beautiful open road. Mariella would pick me up at the Hotel Gadsden. A few pics. First stop Lowell. 

The road was vast before me. 

Heading into Douglas. 

Lunch at Cafe Segovia. 

Bikes packed and organized for a early roll out to Tucson Airport. A last dinner at the Copper Queen Hotel-1902 room. Hard to believe it is almost over in Arizona. I will take a day off unpack the bike and pack for Bike Florida. 

Bisbee walking tour

I was out first and went on a walk up the hill on Opera to check out the neighborhood. 

I digress. 

I went back and picked up Mariella and we went on a walk above Bisbee.  

Lunch at High desert. C2C hangout across from couthouse. 

Bisbee bicycle brothel was closed but Ken Wallace came and opened it up. Great visit. Warned him about Bubba coming with the crew. 

I will ride to Douglas, New Mexico tomorrow. Peace out Tres

Tucson to Kartchner Caverns to Tombstone to Bisbee

Mariella and I packed up our rental car with a big box with a bike in it, my bike assembled with the front wheel off, my empty bike box suitcase, big agnes large duffel, a suitcase, a back pack and some food and water bottles in bags. It was on to the caverns. 

It was elected the best cavern in America. We did not have a reservation and it might have been a huge mistake. We were lucky and there had been a cancellation and we went with a 1:20 pm group. It was incredible. No photography. Strict rules but a grand tour with an expert. This from a postcard. 

The park was beautiful. 

Tombstone. Quick. 

A beautiful drive into Bisbee with a C2C flashback climbing up over the continental divide. Canyon Rose Suites. 

Will walk Bisbee with Mariella tomorrow. Peace out. Tres 

Day after BAC-Sabino Canyon and C2C 2018 at Catalina State Park

Mariella and I slept in a little and went to a sleepy breakfast. I went to get the rental car. Off to Sabino Canyon Recreation Area. We got in with our senior pass. 

It was great. 

Lots of water. 

The views were incredible. 

We had a nice picnic lunch and went to Ajo Bikes. We then went to Catalina State Park. Mike, Tom, myself and Coach all veterans of C2C 2016.  It was a blast. 

It was a walk down memory lane. 

We had a great dinner by Anne and Serge. 

It was great to see Bubba and crew. Looks like it was laundry day. 

On to Bisbee, Arizona tomorrow. It’s always good to be with the peeps. Peace out Tres

Day 7-BAC Tucson Spring Tour 2018 South Tucson Loop

Mariella and I decided to ride 23 miles or so on the loop this morning. It was gorgeous again. 

It was chamber of commerce weather. 

We rode happily along taking in all the art and natural sights. 

It was great like a bat out of hell. The trail became more vast. 

Mountains, too. 

The trail had a shrubby spot. 

Landing markings for the UFO’s. 

Then this rattlesnake. 

We saw a road runner but he was busy eating a lizard and was not ready for his close up. There were a lot washes and this Alamo Wash. Every bridge is unique with a different name and tile art unique to each bridge. 

This was for Lazy Creek bridge. 

The mountains on the way home. 

Mariella and I ate lunch at a cafe in the nicest long term acute care and skilled nursing residence we ha ever seen. Tonight steak dinner at an old Tucson favorite El Corral.

It was a great week. It went so fast and everyone with BAC was great. We will be back. Stay tuned more ahead in the desert. Peace out. Tres 

Day 6-BAC Tucson Spring Tour 2018-The whole “Loop”

Mariella needed to be at the hotel and I had an opportunity to ride with a small group around the entire loop. It was a 54 mile urban and desert ride. 

We started south from our hotel. JRA-just riding along. 

The panoramas from the trail were incredible. 

We met some other BAC’s at the cattle guard. 

We left out of there and we were heading to the south end of the loop. 

It was the Julian Wash greenway section that seemed so vast. 

The trail art was cool. I took a picture of Kurt on C2C 2016 here. 

We negotiating getting around the mammoth Tucson VA. 

For lunch at Seis at El Mercado. 

Then on to the loop for a stop at the loop bicycle shop. 

We headed for the barn. Sharon-BAC ride leader, Pam-local co ride leader, Barry and Mike. I could not want to have been with nicer people. See featured image. 

I got to take my lovely wife to dinner at Cafe Botanica at the Tucson Botanical Garden. 

Best meal we had so far in Tucson and the setting was beautiful. 

Peace out Tres dog wewa