Day 1 of Boobafest

This is a shout out to friend and fellow 2014 Bubbafest rider, Cici Roberts. She liked to call Bubba, Booba. It was funny and great like Cici. I had yak so a morning paddle at Black water Sound was the plan.

I went to Florida Bay Outfitter and Caribbean Club, site of movie Key Largo, to put in. Windy and kind of choppy but headed out.

10 minutes later realized it was rougher than I like and turned around and headed for John Pennekamp.

Pennekamp was only partially open but was still beautiful with lots of propogules and leaves in the water. Put in was where Paddle Florida put in for Key Largo to Key West paddle.

The water was beautiful.

I got to go down to Harriet’s restaurant for a “real” cheeseburger in paradise. First view of upper keys looks valiant but rough. I am going to pig roast and kick off dinner. My C2C buds Rich and Chrysa are here with there daughter. Peace out. T dog wewa

Bubbafest 2017

I loaded up everything like it seems to be usual and headed for Key Largo and Bubbafest. Not sure of what I would find in my beloved Keys. Once a Floridian always a Floridian. Keys strong.

I had a last minute message that there would be a surprise 70th birthday celebration on the glass bottom boat next to the Bubbafest host hotel on Friday at 4 pm and I was invited. It was a beautiful day and off I went. 

There was about 20 or 25 of us and Bubba seemed touched by the party. 

The glass bottom boat was very cool. Saw turtles and rays. Stay tuned much more to come. Peace out. Tres dog Wewa

Ding Darling National Wildlife Refuge kayak trip into Hardworking Bayou

I had to attend our annual company meeting at the Ritz Carlton in Naples this weekend. DOLCE VITA. Mariella came with me and we brought the wood tandem with us and put in at Colon’s Point along the scenic drive. 

We had a great 1 1/2 hour paddle into the bayou to poke out and see Pine Island. 

We had a great little paddle. 


We ended up at Doc Ford’s for lunch. Fish sandwich and shrimp. Yum. 

Sigatoka and around…

Mariella and I slept in paradise because it was a long afternoon and early evening for me yesterday. My tattoo artist extraordinaire, Fijian Tony Oumi did not get to me until the middle of the afternoon. He came and delivered a masterpiece. Super brau and righteous human. Peace to you, Tony.

We drove into Sigatoka and looked around a little. It is Sunday not a lot open. Peaceful, sleepy and welcomingly easy. Bought a new bag for coming home. We went into the local supermarket and it was really cool. We took a walk along the Sigatoka River.

We walked up the hill to the mosque.

Had a great veggie pizza and then drove toward Suva to Korolevu. A sleepy Sunday drive through the small oceanfront villages of Fiji. We leave late tomorrow and will be home July 4th morning totally trashed. Thanks for coming along. All the best.


Peace out. Namaste Tres

Sigatoka Sand Dunes Nat’l Park and Kula Eco Adventure Park

Mariella and I went to the local glass blower studio, Hot Glass, here in Korotogo, Brit Alice Hill, who was having a family do a hands on glass forming and blowing class. It was very cool and her work was very nice.

We then went to Sigatoka Sand Dunes Nat’l Park and the Dunes were vast and beautiful like the featured image.

We then went to lunch. Best fish and chips ever. We then went to Kula Eco Adventure Park and I became a human wildlife stand. Albino boa constrictor.

Banded Fijian iguana.

Crested Fijian iguana.

We then saw some birds that were in cages.

I then was able to feed the hawksbill turtles.

The park was great. We also a cool soft coral exhibit and watched them get fed. Peace out . Namaste Tres

Garden of the Sleeping Giant, Sri Siva Subramaniya Swami Temple-Nadi and Coral Coast, Korotogo, FIJI

We got our rental car and headed for the late Raymond Burr’s private orchid paradise, Garden of the Sleeping Giant. We took an early turn onto Sabeto Rd but it went into the Sabeto Valley. Real native Fiji. The garden was immense.

A few pictures of the flowers and grounds.

The women hug the trees to protect them. This is taught to school children all over Fiji when they visit the garden or park.

Painting in the bathroom.

Just fabulous. We left there and headed for points south and our place later. We stopped a Burger King for a chicken sandwich. We the got further south in Nadi and stopped at the temple. It  is a Dravidian style of architecture that was direct from India when the indentured sugar cane workers required a Hindu place of worship. It was incredible. We were not allowed to take pictures inside. Here are a few from the outside.

We left there and headed for Bedarra Beach Inn. The road was good and I was driving on the left.

Great day with great local great land tomorrow. Peace out. Namaste Tres. 

Navini Island

I snorkeled at Special Reef.

Sandy Cay.

Honeymoon Island.

I also went to a school on Malolo Island and it was a genuine experience on a large Fijian island.

We went to a Fijian celebratory dinner and danced with our Fijian hosts. It was great.

Mariella and I watched two sea turtles just near our shoreline an hour before we left. Navini Island was heaven. We took a bumpy 30 minute boat ride back to the mainland for the next and final leg of our Fijian adventure. Peace out. Namaste Tres