Memphis, Mississippi, Big River Trail, MRT and West Memphis, Arkansas

I slept well and had a great breakfast. I moved my car to keep things cheaper into a garage. I set out for the Mississippi through downtown with a Memphis bike map. 

The speck in the water is kayaker in an Epic sea kayak. Go Eric. 

I got the bridge to go over the Mississippi. I learned later it was the old way getting over the river. 

I got down off the bridge and found the BRT. 

It was nice and went into the outskirts of hardscrabble West Memphis, Arkansas. 

The trail head coming into West Memphis with parking, rental bikes and bike fixation station. I used the pump on the way back. 

I stayed along a loop road for a few miles which was that Big industry type stuff and saw the levee road option with friends above the road. 

I got off there and headed back towards town. There was a very interesting Pentecostal Christian Mission at 8th St. and Broadway of the same name. Nuff said. 

It is a poor town and there was lots of subsidized housing with some of it new and nice but, some requiring work was shut down and not redone. 

I got back to the trail and went over the BRT bike pedestrian bridge. 

Got off the bridge and went back through Martyrs Park. 

The view from these bluffs are incredible. 

There was another linear park above, Vance Park. 

Went by this place by accident to learn that it was probably the best fried chicken in Memphis or one of them. 30 minute wait when I went by. 

Was back close to the hotel and went by the Redbirds Stadium. The outfield gate was open and the groundskeeper was rinsing off his riding lawn mower and I rode down the ramp into the stadium. He allowed me to stick my head into the stadium at the cusp of the outfield warning track and take pictures. Only in Memphis. 

Beale street tonight. Home of the Blues. 

Hotel Lorraine tomorrow morning. Peace out Namaste Tres. 

Memphis on the way to big BAM 

I left way to early for an 830 mile drive from Ruskin to Memphis. 

Basically lots of interstate and some 4 lane Appalachian developmental highway, corridor x, US 78. Traffic great except for Birmingham and Memphis. First stop was Sun Studios. Cool signage. 

I got to my hotel, the featured image and it was great. 

I tried to nap but was too wired. Ate BBQ at The Rendezvous, since 1948. Best ribs and brisket I had eaten. 

Did a paseo to walk off the Q. Went through the Peabody. Saw the Memphis Redbirds Stadium, AAA franchise of the St. Louis Cardinals. How dare they not be in town. 

Was able to crash and ready for bike ride around Memphis and over the Mississippi. Tough leaving the candidate. 

More later. Namaste Tres. 

Monticello Bike Festival 2018-42 rolling miles

Great breakfast at the the bnb. Got away after a rousing rendition of the star spangled banner. 

We rolled out pretty quick. It was a beautiful morning and this part of North Florida has some rolling hills. A few pics. It was just so pretty. 

We turned onto a dairy road and it got nicer. 

We turned into what looked like a hunt club, Honey Lake Plantation, with stables and a church. The road was new and it was our first rest stop. 

I went away and it was already getting warmer.  More beautiful road. 

Another nice little rest stop. 

Snead’s Lake at the Aucilla River Wildlife Management Area. 

Some more great farms going into town. 

A great lunch of tuna salad at Tupelo’s Bakery and Cafe. Soft afternoon with a trip to a Mayhaw farm. Yes some jelly was purchased. Easy night and dinner at Rev Cafe. Maybe shrimp and grits. Peace out Namaste Tres dog. 

Monticello Bike Fest 2018

I had to work in Jacksonville and came over to Monticello after I finished and  checked in at the 1872 John Denham historic b’n’b. Great place. 

I checked in and the room was beautiful. 

I went to the Rev Cafe and had a great salad with some incredible chili with homemade corn muffins downtown in the heart of the historic downtown. I got my rider packet at the cafe. 

You may have seen this before. More tomorrow from the ride. Metric century. Peace out Namaste Tres dog

5 Boros NYC bike tour 

Up early with a plan to get on the route early. My hotel right on Ave of the Americas. I got away about 7:20 am before the first wave but the route closed down. I was a bit of tourist. Really neat. 

Got to Central Park and a lot of course marshals were getting their assignments. 

Jose Marti and Central Park. Viva Cuba!

Harlem. Blew the turn because I was early. Then the NYPD Ride marshals.

Madison Avenue Bridge and into Bronx.

Quickly out of the Bronx and onto FDR Drive. Dice tunnel with a highly slanted railroad tie. NYC roads not some of the smoothest

Up to Queensboro Bridge and into Queens. 

Great rest stop and out bound rollout. 


Out of Queens into Brooklyn. 

Was gray and everybody was wondering when the rain was going to come. 

Verrazano Narrows lower level to Staten Island. Wearing the SMBC colors. That’s Sarasota Manatee Bike Club. 

A Staten Island ferry ride to Manhattan and another 5 burritos in the books. Peace out Namaste Tres

5 Burros NYC Bike Tour

Gentle readers this Ruskin , Florida cyclist went to the big apple for his second 5 boros bike tour. A good flight to JFK and the Super Shuttle ride from hell to the garment district. A quick subway to Brooklyn to the bike expo. It was great. 

I saw the mechanic from RAGBRAI who lent me a $6500 Specialized Roubaix for 4 days and ended up fixing my Di2 on my Strong Bike, Nicholas. What a great young man. 

I got a pic of me with Manhattan in the background. 

Venue outside. 

I wanted to ride some the next day and headed for the Statue of Liberty Ferry. I went down the green designated greenway through Herald Square, Chelsea and Greenwich. 

I went by the 9/11 memorial park. Note the featured image is of the new single tower. One of the memorial pools. 

I went up and down the Hudson River Park bikeway it was busy and beautiful. 

I got down the ferry and it seemed that my rear tire was getting a slow leak. It appeared that I would need to get back to the barn where I could really fix it. The pier was cool. 

Back to the barn with a fix of bike and a lazy afternoon. 

Early Michelin rated Italian cuisine dinner around the corner. 32,000 ride buddies tomorrow. Peace out. Namaste Tres

Day 2-Paddle Florida Suwannee Festival

The rain was hard yesterday and had taken some snap out of the day but relented at dinner time. We were treated last night to local folk legend Tom Shed last night and he was great. 

The rain had stopped but it had gotten colder but we were to Paddle a 12 mile gem from Madison Blue Spring down the Witha lacoochee into the Suwannee River. 

Put in was beautiful like the featured image and busy. 

It was gray but the river was beautiful and Chris had been a great paddling partner. 

We went through a low Melvin’s Shoals without a hitch. The rain may have helped. This area is amazing. 

Another great weekend outdoor adventure. Peace out. Tres 

Paddle Florida Suwannee Festival

I set out to meet my buddy Chris Wilkerson in Monticello for lunch. He is paddling with me in the front of my handmade tandem kayak. Funniest guy I know. 

Monticello was a favorite of mine from C2C 2016 other rides too. They have a bike fest in May. 

We had a late great lunch at Tupelo Bakery and Cafe. Took away some gourmet cupcakes AND Tupelo honey. We drove down 90 just like I rode in C2C in 2016 to Suwannee River State Park and checked in and set up camp. This was the beautiful yesterday. 

I was able to get a swim in the spring near camp. 

We did an 8 mile paddle due to rain in the forecast. We did it in 1 3/4 hours. Pictures on my waterproof camera to follow. 

On to Live Oak for grouper sandwich and fried okra. Return with rain starting. Really came down hard. Good napping. Unsure of next plan due to weather. Hoping for clearing and paddling. Listening to Copland’s Appalachian Spring. Peace out Tres.