April 9, 1988

This is the day that I married my lovely wife 33 years ago at Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Downtown Tampa. What a day and what a life! I was able to ride the area this morning in a little 25 miler to get my bearings reestablished. Tucson is the most bicycle friendly city in America. Off to the loop.

There is an old racetrack that had come a park and it was open and I went in and took some pics and actually rode a small piece of the race track.

A fellow came up and stated I should not be in here. I left with my experiences and pics. There will be many more pics of the Loop as the week progresses. A local favorite.

The wife and I have a plan for the rest of the day which was to include Tucson Botanical Garden.

We had an early reservation at a restaurant near the top of Campbell Rd. called Vivace and it was wonderful. The food and the view. Sunset from the top.

We had tickets for the Oscar nominated animated film shorts at The Loft Theater. What the wife did not know was that I had gotten the marquee done with a message of our anniversary. I went by earlier by bike.

The wife was stunned and it was really hard for me to keep the secret. I succeeded and Mariella was blown away. The shorts were tremendous in an open air theater behind the theater. It was a great day. Peace out. Tres

On to Tucson

A very early morning rollout from the El Capitan Hotel in Van Horn. Nice breakfast and out before the sun was up. I got to watch it come up while I drove to Carlsbad Caverns.

I had about 100 mile drive to the caverns pretty much all on my own. The top featured image is El Capitan of Guadalupe Mountains. The views were staggering.

I was able to go into the cavern in the first group. I went down the elevator due to time and was alone in the cavern for almost 35-40 minutes. The Carlsbad Caverns were mine. The Grandaddy of all show caves. I took lots of pics but will attempt to show only the best.

Historic early spelunkers

The time inside the cavern was transformational. I chanted a few ohm’s for harmonic resonance. Incredible sound. I had a 15 minute conversation with a park ranger who was a geologist and spelunker. A great morning and then back to the drive.

I was passing through changing states and different styles and types of deserts with dust and wind storms that could move the car. In Tucson with the wife and let the exploring begin. Peace out Tres

The road to Tucson

I am meeting my wife in Tucson for a long weekend and we are celebrating our 33 wedding anniversary. Needless to say she is the big reason I get to roll like this. I was restless and up earlier than expected for the first leg of the trip, the drive to New Orleans. It was really o dark thirty. It did allow me to make good time.

Rest area outside Pensacola

Continued on I-10 to Mobile and decided to stop at the USS Alabama battle ship park, It was a beautiful day and I had been in the car for awhile. It was a blast.

The ship was a museum in progress.

Dr. Strangelove
USS Drum SS 228

Got to NOLA in a fine and tired fashion. Canal Street just hopping as I drove in. A nice nap at the St. James Hotel and then out to dinner at Muriel’s on Jackson Square.

The back of Lafitte
Music at dinner
Streetcar on Canal St.

A long sleep, over 10 big ones. A great southern breakfast at the Ruby Slipper Cafe and out of NOLA by 9 am. The next leg was 600 miles to Kerrsville, Texas. I went through the Atchtafalaya Natural Wildlife Refuge. Always Amazing. Acadiana area of Louisiana is where Cycle Zydeco is and all that Cajun culture. So fun. Around Houston and San Antonio to get to the Y-O Hotel. A cowboy hotel and a steak at Cowboy Steakhouse.

1300 miles in 2 days. I did get another big sleep with a good breakfast and the Y-O Hotel lobby continued to prove interesting.

I was able to ride the same little, short, paved trail next to the Kerrsville River that I rode in 2016 on C2C. Cute historic downtown too.

My stop was in Sonora, TX. A county seat with a historic courthouse, see top featured image and downtown.

The road was amazing.

I saw several wind turbine blades being transported on this lonely stretch of I-10. It was surreal how long it was.

At the historic oasis known as The El Capitan Hotel. Tomorrow Carlsbad Caverns and Tucson and the commish. Peace out Tres

Rest of the story…

A great roll out and beautiful paddle along the Ding Darling National Wildlife Refuge. How about the handmade wood kayak.

The next day an off island ride for me to Estero Point and a run for the wife.

A great Tween Waters Inn dinner at Old Captiva Room. Best Florida seafood and sunsets in historic old Florida.

Next day hike in the Bailey tract with the wife and a stop at a botanical nursery.

Mess with an alligator…lose a leg!

The next day I took the two island ride from Sanibel to Captiva and back with the wife running again.

Ted Williams fishing gear at Jensen’s Marina

Great week. Peace out. Tres

Off/On island ride-44 miles

My wife had a meeting this morning that allowed me to get a nice morning ride in so, off Sanibel Island via the causeway to Ft. Myers.

The ride went on a great bike path along Summerlin Rd. I went on a side road to San Carlos Bay Bunche Beach Preserve. Cool kayak put in.

Time to go back to the island.

Island time. Peace out Tres

Sanibel-Captive bike ride-31 miles.

We went down the beautiful beach where we are staying. Great sunset yesterday.

Saw a critical mass ride take off in Sanibel last night. Very cool lights.

It was decided that we would do a 30 miler up to Captiva and back.

Went to The Chapel by the Sea in Captiva.

We stopped at Jensen’s Cottages and Bait shop.

We rode to the end of Captiva.

Some pictures from the ride home.

Another day on the beach. Peace out Tres

The road to Sanibel

The road to Sanibel went a rather round about way via Matlacha! The wife was ready fairly quickly and away we went. Nice drive to Matlacha Community Park. Great put in at park.

We paddled out and I was able to show Mariella where I stayed in January. The canal was full of pelicans and the Lormalove (spelling) gallery.

We headed out from Porpoise Island Point. Ripping day with amazing visibility in the water. Stingrays, fish, jellyfish and all kinds of birds.

A great seafood lunch of grouper and shrimp from the Blue Dog. Fabulous with a waterfront picnic table.

In Sanibel and ready for the beach. Family values bike ride on the trail tomorrow. Peace out Tres

Myakka River State Park Overnighter

I rode with SMBC on Thursday and brought the equipment to camp and paddle at MRSP. I had a two night reservation!

It was a warm lovely evening.

I awoke to see that the window that had been glued into the rain fly had come loose. It would affect my decision about staying a second night. Off to paddle Myakka Lake.

Paddlin with the gators

Short and sweet. Myakka is a great place. Peace out Tres dog