Day 3-Skykomish to Leavenworth, WA-52.5 miles and 3735 feet of elevation.

Skykomish was magical but, it was time to leave with the threat of weather, rain and ambient coolness. This is something foreign to this Floridian. Oh, we had to cross Spencer Pass causing such elevation. We went out US 2.

At mile 6 1/2 we crossed onto Old Cascade Rd. OMG. It was called something else, too.

We got back on US 2 for the uphill that was Spencer Pass. I had a glitch with the cadence sensor but it was fixed at the top of the pass. 37 degrees at 4061 feet. I was freezing a good chunk of this day after the summit. Brrr.

Zoom down the big hill. The creek at the SAG.

Water running next to the road would be a recurring theme.

A road picture for a change

I stopped at The Alps Fudge and Candy Store for FUDGE.

A spill way before town.

Ubiquitous Vince selfie

Rest day in this hamlet. A planned move for us. Peace out Tres dog

Ranger Owl!

Day 2-Sultan to Skykomish, WA-28 miles with 1510 feet of elevation.

Our group picture from yesterday.

A nice roll out that had us donning raincoats on a overcast day in the Cascade Mountains. The audacity!

A stop at the river. OMG.


On we went on a fairly busy road with gorgeous scenery.


Photo credit: Linda Attkisson
Photo credit: Tom Coe
Photo credit: Fred Ohr
Photo credit: Fred Ohr
Photo credit: Fred Ohr

A big Great Northern Railway presence here. Bigger day tomorrow. I will have full rain kit on the bike. Peace out Tres dog

Photo credit: Linda Attkisson

Day 1-Bellevue to Sultan, WA- 40 miles with 1620 feet of elevation.

The first day! It was a gorgeous day leaving Bellevue with a great group of fellow coasters.


We headed out toward SR 520 bike trail and before the entrance to the trail our oldest rider Rose fell after what she explained was it was hard to breathe and did not know what happened next. She fell hard on her left shoulder and and it was real painful. The whole group was great with her. It fell to me and another RN on the trip to assess and see what was needed to be done. Rose was able to get to the side of the road and get her bearings. The left side of the helmet was cracked. Everyone was so great and caring that it was so great it humbled me. Rose was taken by the tour manager to the hospital. It was learned that she had a small heart attack but, no collarbone break. After a pretty long break we started up again.

We got to the Sammamish River Trail. OMG.

Another fall happened on the trail involving Chrysa and Janet. It was a slow dust up but, both fell leaving them sore in a few spots but, they went on for a pizza lunch. A huge climb after lunch. Toughest grade was 18%. Beautiful scenery.

Totem pole at Monroe Correctional Center.


Into Sultan WA.

For my favorite pro selfie photographer bud, Vince!

Day 0-Loop ride of Bellevue, Lake Washington, U of W Arboretum, East Seattle-23.7 miles with 1376 feet of elevation.

Top-Featured image photo credit: Tom Coe.

A great breakfast by the staff of Alpaca Adventures at the Marriott in downtown Bellevue. A group roll out to get acclimated to our bicycles again.

It was at this point that my roommate, the famous “Ice Cream” Tom Coe, and I left our group for some off route exploration. A couple of blocks away we found the SR 520 bike route that goes across Lake Washington. What a beautiful multi purpose trail. Also we met 2 Wisconsonites that went to Tom’s college. Had a 20 minute visit with total strangers. I will let the pictures do the talking.

We left there to come back for lunch. Through the great neighborhood that took us from the SR 520 bridge to arboretum and back. Love this signage and roundabout.

Back across the bridge and onto the other side of the SR 520 bike route. The burger place MAY be the local favorite of Bill Gates.

A quick heartfelt thanks to all my incredible friends for there generous out pouring of safe well wishes. I was humbled by the response. All my best for now. Peace out Tres dog

I am on the job!

Prologue to C2C 2021-Seattle, WA to Portland, ME.

I am heading out on our year overdue C2C rode of the Northern Tier of the United States with Alpaca Adventures. Many people to thank, first and foremost, my wife the commish. I would not be where I am at without my lovely wife Mariella.

So many other people to thank. All my riding partners including the lunatic fringe of my bike club, SMBC. They are the best. Carl Strong for building me the best custom steel coupled road bike ever. The highly innovative crew at Calfee Designs for retro fitting my first Strong bike with a great e motor and also great tech support which will help me get through this tough tour. I have a fib and the bike will help.

I also need to thank all the great people at Perfect Fit and Fix in Largo, Florida. Paul, Cesar, Ted and Liz.

It was a early ride with my neighbor, Russ to hope on the non stop Alaska Airlines to Seattle.

A long afternoon putting the baby together and need some pro help down the street at Gregg’s Cycle in Bellevue. I am straightened out now.

A real nice group of folks and some great old friends. Washington is beautiful. Our first dinner tonight. Kind of knackered. Little set up ride tomorrow then off on Wednesday. Peace out Tres

Microsoft to the right.

Day 7-Port Gibson, MS to Northern Terminus-42 miles with 1200 feet of elevation

It was a bittersweet roll out of Port Gibson and the oasis of our B’n’B, Isabella’s. Some pics of Port Gibson.


The road again did not disappoint.

Mount Locust historic hotel

Down the road heading for Terminus and Natchez, MS.

Post ride BBQ
Mighty Miss

Cycle of Life Adventures was top shelf and a great experience was had. Dennis and Elie were great. 312 miles for me and home soon. Peace out Tres