UF-Shands 5 day evaluation for possible double lung transplant


Mariella and I drove to Gainesville last Sunday. We are staying at Hotel Eleo on the UF campus. ADA accessible room due to the wheelchair. It is really nice place. All O2 devices hooked up. Great dinner at hotel restaurant, alfresco. Early up this morning, of Day 1, for labs, bone density scan, CT of chest with SAFE radioactive contrast and VQ scan. This also involved SAFE radioactive mist inhaled and injected.

The rest of the morning was spent with the transplant social worker then lunch and the transplant psychologist. A very nice man, who did not seem to find any obvious neuroses. The transplant pulmonologist was happy with our progress since last visit with dental, eye and dermatology clearance. Labs at home before coming were done, as well. He also helped with directing us to a high flow oximizer nasal cannula for pulmonary rehab and walking at home. We had dinner with another transplant candidate and his wife from Lake Wales and spoke of our experiences. It was great. Cardiac cath, Tuesday morning.

The procedure showed that all my coronary arteries were fine and the heart pressures were all fine, as well. The cardiology fellow stated there were no contraindications from this cardiac standpoint for lung transplant. It was great news. Postoperative recovery was uneventful.

Look who is here?

Nap and early dinner. View from the restaurant.

Gastric emptying test to start Day 3. Don’t ask, you do not want to know but I am going to tell you anyway! More radioactive stuff in an egg sandwich with strawberry jam and a glass of water, then, repetitive x rays at first then, 1,2 and 4 hours apart. Got to spend the 2 hour interval across the street in the Wilmot Gardens. Very lovely!

Photo credits of five pictures below, Mariella Smith

It is Donate Life, organ transplant group,

The last x ray was done. Quick lunch. A pharmacy consultation then a swallow study with speech therapy and a sniff fluoro esophagram. Yippee! Think these tests have a radioactive component? They did! Back to the Medical Plaza next to Wilmot Gardens to start day 4.

Photo credit: Mariella Smith

The pulmonary function test went as well as could be expected by a great tech named Carlos. A nice break outside then the PT eval. It went very well. Leg strength was the important aspect of the eval. I did sit to stands without using my arms in 1/2 the required time. My leg press was 86% of my body weight. Acceptable percentage was above 80%. I walked 960 feet on 8-10 liters of O2 in 6 mins. It was my best effort. A financial consult at admissions and back to Heart and Vascular center for EKG, doppler and pressure tests. Clinic pic.

My last day! DAY 5. Echocardiogram. Dietary consult. More labs then Esophageal Manometry. Can’t wait to explain that jewel. Echo went long and I got to the dietician and lab. We had time to kill after so we went to Paynes Prairie State Park. Beautiful!

Esophageal Manometry test. I was given some Lidocaine in my nose and some to gargle with and let it numb the passages, My RN was great and down went a tube, 52 cm’s into my stomach. I was lowered to a semi recline and did swallows of Gatorade and it was imaged on a screen. I did swallows sitting up and a rapid swallow test while sitting as well. Out came the tube and on to lunch. MY LAST TEST OF THE WEEK!!! My wife has been amazing through all this. I will not anything for a week or two. Home tomorrow. If I don’t respond I am busy doing pulmonary rehab. Big peace out Tres dog

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  1. What an incredible marathon! Bravo to you both!
    How great to be able to take a breather in the gardens there and get over to Payne’s Prairie. Special moments.

    So glad for this resource–and sending all good thoughts now going forward!
    Love ya,

  2. T-Dawg! Thanks for the update. The details are a bit ‘Greek’ to me, I’m but, glad you are getting evaluated and hope the results are in your favor. I loved your Pearl Jam t-shirt. Also, only you could go somewhere for med tests and still report with beautiful pictures of nature! You are amazing, my friend! Much love to Mari. Safe travels home get some much needed rest. Peace, my Friend.
    – Gibby

  3. Sounds like you are passing all the test and evaluations with flying colors so I hope you get your lung transplant soon! My cousin had one and did fine.
    Lots of love,

  4. Boy are you absolutely amazing. As is your stunning wife. Love to you both after your marathon week.

  5. Such wonderful fantastic news! Your spirit and determination are shining through. The pictures are all so lovely as usual. We miss you!

  6. What a lovely report of how you revved up some very invasive testing, and turned it into beautiful nature hikes. You and Mariella are amazing.
    It sounds like the testing went very smoothly. I’m sending love and thoughts of the best possible outcome your way. Love, love, and peace 💞

  7. So glad you are hanging in there and getting through this. Hope all the results are in your favor. Prayers 🙏🙏❤️🙏🙏continue to be sent your way.
    Love. ❤️ and hugs 🤗
    Joel and Cheryl

  8. I have a cousin that is at least 10 years out from a double lung transplant and another who just had one last year in Seattle. Sounds like everything is moving forward. Hugs!

  9. My brother, Mike, shared this with me. I’ve heard about “my buddy, Tres” for years. A buddy of Mike’s is a buddy of mine. May you find ease in the midst of all of this!

  10. You look and so great! Bruce and I are keeping our fingers crossed and sending good mojo your way so that everything comes up positive. As always, let us know if we can help…Keep rocking it!

  11. Thank you for the update. You look great! The photos of the scenery there are beautiful. I’ll be praying for good results 🙏
    Your cousin, Liz

  12. Tres, this is so great, really gives me a good sense of your experience. Love your positive attitude and the pictures are great. Seeing you with Mariella and how much she loves you really gives me a warm feeling. Thanks so much for sharing this!

  13. After all these years and all the wonderful stories of your trips I never thought I would be reading about all of this week long testing to one of the healthiest people I know‼️ It sure is a lot to do when you feel bad. Looking really good the two of you and I’m certain the two of you will get through this. You are in my prayers! ❤️ ⭐️

  14. Sounds like you are passing all the testing and facing this with your TDog attitude that I have always loved. Thinking of you guys every day brother!

  15. I have always loved following your posts about your biking, hiking, and Kayaking adventures! This one was certainly different for Tres Dog. So glad to see your upbeat attitude and glad you and Mariella got to spend time outdoors in some beautiful parks. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. Hang in there little brother! Love to you both!❤️

  16. This is such positive news. So happy for you and Mariella! Love all the pictures, especially of the 2 of you smiling! Sending love and hugs to you both!!

  17. Tres – I was on trip in St. Augustine last year – Debby from Ann Arbor – Wow a transplant eval –
    GI tests are really something – when I went through some for GERDS I wondered Who thought of these tests!!! Sounds like you pass all the tests including great support – family and friends – best of luck.

  18. How wonderful you’re both taking ‘nature’ breaks in between the testing! It’s great to see your smiles and also to know you’re passing the necessary tests needed. Sending love and prayers your way for this double lung transplant.

  19. Dear Tres Dog,

    Like your other fans, I am amazed at your upbeat report and beautiful pictures of lavish scenery, flowers, gardens, and your and Mariela’s smiling faces while enduring all those tests! Lots of love to you both. Looking forward to updates on your progress.

    Love, Shari Gibby

  20. Hello Tres,

    We haven’t ridden together in the lest two years. But I still follow your ride posts, and was surprised to hear of your medical issue. I wish you the best in this journey.

    Dan Levengood

  21. 😘great Work Tres!!! Following your progress my friend!! Stay strong sir! Big hugs!! 😘Jody(old ref)

  22. We love you both. Thanks for sharing this amazing journey w stops at Paynes Prarie & Wilmot Garden. Tres you look great. You are both an inspiration w your love & winning spirit!

  23. Just read your post and all the tests and exams you are having at UF.. Know I have you both in my prayers and thoughts and wish you the best on this journey. Keep up the positive posts and let us know if we can do anything for either of you. Thanks for all those special times with the wheelchair guys. You’ve got this ! Den is in heaven watching over you! 🤗❤️🙏⭐️

  24. So good to get this update. My heartfelt healing thoughts and energy are with you and Mariella. All that good earth energy that you shared with your following will come back to you on Earth Day. All blessings and in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make. Take it all, Tres. You are so deserving. Love you. Ann Marie

  25. So glad to see you have not lost your gift for writing. We are sending so many prayers along to you. Love you Tres Dog!

  26. Love you guys. Tres, hang in there, GOD, is in control. He knows what’s best and everything is going to work out for you. Ronnie Clemon, Dallas Texas, 214/687-7746. Call me at your convenience. Love you my brother.

  27. And you are very missed person! Thank you so much for the update. I’m always thinking of you and wondering how you are doing. Sorry that you have to go through all of testing. All of your cycling and other physical activities have paid off. I’m thrilled and not surprised that you have been getting positive results. I am also happy that you can continue to see the beauty in the world by going to the parks. Keep up the good work. I am eager to hear about the next phase of your journey.

  28. Sounds like you powered through all the tests and found a way to enjoy each day as well. So happy to hear that the results were so good too! Stay positive and strong. We are praying for you both.

  29. Awe Tres Dawg this is looking like some good news! Hang in there! I’m praying hard. Love you lots!

  30. Awe Tres Dawg this is looking like some good news! Hang in there! I’m praying hard. Love you lots!

  31. So pleased that you’ve been able to spend time in beautiful places amid all your tests with Mariella by your side. We were at the Quad Nations in Sophia Gardens, Cardiff last week and we always remember you both officiating at the Welsh International tournaments there. Lots of love from myself and Keith xx

  32. Praying for you and hoping you are back on a bike before too long. What a miracle to get a new pair of lungs.

  33. Wish you nothing but the best Tre! In 10 years of knowing you, nothing but the most respect. More of a character than anything.

  34. Hey Man !
    Its been a while.
    I wanted to say that there are few people more deserving than you guys for a transplant. Wishing you the very best of luck in your return to amazing health.
    Kindest Regards Tres. You are a warrior who will prevail in this battle!

    Colm Roe

  35. Clearly a grueling process, but you obviously killed through all of it. I’ll bet anything you brightened the day for everyone you came in contact with. It’s a good thing you know more than most about endurance and perseverance, my friend. Thank you for sharing your positive attitude, strength and hope.

  36. I don’t know why I just received this wonderful post. I already know your good news but happy to see the step by step. You are special and deserve the best. Seein you sitting up with that beautiful smile makes my heart soar.
    Love and prayers

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