Crested Butte and Gothic, CO

Mariella and I left Denver for Crested Butte. What a drive.

Our friends place

The wedding. How about that valley

Bride and groom-godson

It was a beautiful ceremony and a fun reception and dinner. We slept in and later the next day we went to Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory, RMBL, in Gothic, Beautiful!

An easy day and home tomorrow great trip.

5 thoughts on “Crested Butte and Gothic, CO

  1. Beautiful! I swear the sky is bluer out there. Who were the two guitarists. Very nice setting for an outdoor wedding.

  2. I barely recognized you without your riding gear and bike. Just kidding. It was so great to see your pictures. Truly you are a gifted chronicler of our beautiful country. Love that you share it with your devoted follower, me!

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