National Museum of Wildlife Art

Another slow roll out with rain, gray and cold brought us to the museum just down the road from us. Beautiful building and setting with great art. I will let the pictures and the sculptures do the talking.


The view from the museum

A super lunch at Palate at the museum of game stew and grilled cheeses sandwich with camelized onions on artisan bread for me. Idaho trout tempura with beet/mixed greens salad for Mariella. GIB!

Slow easy evening. Hope to ride tomorrow. Big peace out Tres dog

One thought on “National Museum of Wildlife Art

  1. OMG! Mauri’s trout sounds DELICIOSO! Trout is my favorite fish and with a tempura batter… yes, please!! The museum sculptures are amazing. The bighorn sheep photo/painting looks like your Buddy from last week. I’m running out of adjectives and superlatives, but keep posting, we’ll keep viewing and repeat ourselves!
    Love to both of you. Peace.

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