Downtown last night and the Grand Loop bike trail-27.5 miles and 1358 feet of elevation.

A great Mexican meal, last night, of chicken enchilada mole for me and shrimps in mushroom and garlic sauce with rice and beans for Mariella and another cheese enchilada for me. Tamarind drink. GIB! A short walk around.

Wort Hotel Lobby
Town Square Elkhorn Arch

After a drive to Teton Village, not an aerial tram day, and a turn in Wilson. This is where the cyclists can go to climb up Teton Pass. I wanted to ride the bike trail to Moose Visitor’s Center and away I went.

It was to rain but had not yet. Weather was foreboding but I had rain gear.

The trail is marked and amazingly beautiful.

I put all my rain gear on in this tunnel and went to visitor center.

Dry inside!

The view from my hotel across from the National Elk Sanctuary.

Great to get out today will ride some on other side tomorrow. Stay dry and safe. Big peace out Tres dog

5 thoughts on “Downtown last night and the Grand Loop bike trail-27.5 miles and 1358 feet of elevation.

  1. Some of these places were familiar to us.
    Fifty-two years ago my college roommates and I made the acquaintance of two guys in the Cowboy Bar. They took us horseback riding in the mountains near Victor, Idaho the next day.
    Jim and I camped at Gros Ventre in 2013 and watched several moose grazing by the campground. Neither words nor pictures can truly capture the aura of what you are seeing. But the photos bring back feelings of what we experienced. Such an awesome trip you are taking.

  2. The meal sounds fabulous! The bar, pizza parlor and drugstore are so cool. I love the antlers arch – natural art. The landscape is breathtaking. I’m so glad that the weather didn’t scare you from riding. Mr. G would be pleased.
    Thanks for sharing. Ride on!

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