Bozeman to Kalispell, MT with a side trip to the State Capital and the Garden of a 1000 Buddhas. Really.

A nice getaway from the Sapphire Motel and on the road to Kalispell. A side trip to Helena.

Senate Chambers

We went through this door only to meet the Montana House of Representatives Sergeant at Arms, who unlocked the chamber for us.

He explained the history of the Charles Russell painting in the front of the chambers. The speaker of the house was questioning when the painting would be ready. It was a huge painting that required an extraction from where it had been painted and was cut. Russell had the last laugh as the wolf scowled in the foreground of the painting at the speaker. Thanks Brad.

He also recommended a route on 93 to Kalispell. First stop, McDonald Pass Road. Featured image.

The route was absolutely picturesque. His second recommendation was to stop at the Garden of the 1000 Buddhas. WOW!!! Also in Flathead Reservation.

Photo credit below: Mariella Smith
8 Stupas
Photo credit below: Mariella Smith

The visit was amazing. I was stopped by a Tribal Ranger for skipping a mandatory boat check on my kayak for mollusks from other places. I was escorted back to the inspection.

Everyone loved the boat.

I was cleared quickly and the inspectors on the Flathead Reservation could not have been nicer. They were surprised that I had been in Montana for 3 days and not been inspected.


Elk bolognese and trout for dinner!

7 thoughts on “Bozeman to Kalispell, MT with a side trip to the State Capital and the Garden of a 1000 Buddhas. Really.

  1. My son worked near Kalispel last summer guiding rafters at Glacier National Park, hope you make it there! Didn’t know about the 1,000 Buddhas-sorry I missed it when I went for a visit!

  2. Beautiful pictures! I love the Starlight Motel sign. So many unique sites out there. Thanks for sharing. Diner sounds fab!

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