Bozeman to Kalispell, MT with a side trip to the State Capital and the Garden of a 1000 Buddhas. Really.

A nice getaway from the Sapphire Motel and on the road to Kalispell. A side trip to Helena.

Senate Chambers

We went through this door only to meet the Montana House of Representatives Sergeant at Arms, who unlocked the chamber for us.

He explained the history of the Charles Russell painting in the front of the chambers. The speaker of the house was questioning when the painting would be ready. It was a huge painting that required an extraction from where it had been painted and was cut. Russell had the last laugh as the wolf scowled in the foreground of the painting at the speaker. Thanks Brad.

He also recommended a route on 93 to Kalispell. First stop, McDonald Pass Road. Featured image.

The route was absolutely picturesque. His second recommendation was to stop at the Garden of the 1000 Buddhas. WOW!!! Also in Flathead Reservation.

Photo credit below: Mariella Smith
8 Stupas
Photo credit below: Mariella Smith

The visit was amazing. I was stopped by a Tribal Ranger for skipping a mandatory boat check on my kayak for mollusks from other places. I was escorted back to the inspection.

Everyone loved the boat.

I was cleared quickly and the inspectors on the Flathead Reservation could not have been nicer. They were surprised that I had been in Montana for 3 days and not been inspected.


Elk bolognese and trout for dinner!

Downtown last night then Urban Bozeman bike ride to Museum of the Rockies at Montana State University.

Hotel Baxter lobby
Memorial Day Parade

A great petit dejuener and I went to find some quiet bicycle routes for the wife and I. I was in luck.

Story Mansion Park
The Museum of the Rockies
Great exhibits of dinosaurs
Big daddy
Great Yellowstone exhibit
Sheepherder’s Wagon-original RV
Living Farm History exhibit

Great day with the wife. On to Kalispell tomorrow.

Hardin to Bozeman, MT with a stop in Big Timber.

A big sleep for the wife after a big flight and long drive. Hardin had the Milk Bucket Bakery and Cafe open. A scrumptious home made All American breakfast of perfect eggs, thick sliced bacon, fabulous scratch breakfast potatoes, homemade biscuit and coffee. GIB!

A single table honoring veterans on Memorial Day. A lone table and chair with a single candle, a folded upside down American flag, a flower and flag and a plate of sliced lemon and salt. The lemon for the bitterness of loss and the salt from tears. It was really quite moving and had touched the owner to do it. Me too.

Off we went with a stop in Big Timber for a picnic lunch in front of a Carnegie Lubrary
Great little town

A rainy drive to the Sapphire Motel in downtown Bozeman. Weather a little iffy, stay tuned. Big peace out Tres dog

Custer, SD to Hardin, MT and a stop at the Little Bighorn National Monument.

A wrap of the ride this yesterday morning and bittersweet goodbye to all the rider friends. On to Hill City, Ft Hays and Rapid City.

Historic working theater in Rapid City
Lobby of Alex Jackson Hotel
Custer Battlefield Trading Post for Lois and Chrysa
Kokopelli in a different role
Little Bighorn Battlefield Nat’l Monument
Museum/Visitor’s Center

Great overnight in Hardin, MT. We are to Bozeman today. Big peace out Tres dog

Day 5-Last Day-George T Mickelson Trail-Custer State Park to White Elephant and back to Custer, SD-30.1 miles and 1068 feet of elevation.

Featured image: John and I kitted up for weather and went towards the park. We got turned around at the stockade exhibit.

Nice lake

John and I returned to Custer and he went back and I did some of the trail he did the other day without me.

Sanator trailhead
White Elephant trailhead

It was great week. Wife tomorrow. The world will return to its right axis. Big peace out Tres dog

Day 3-Crazy Horse Mountain, Mt. Rushmore and Custer, SD Courthouse Museum.

A long day yesterday got me to take a rest day today. It was a great decision. First stop Crazy Horse Mountain and Museum. Great museum and story.

Chief Henry Standing Bear, a Carlisle educated Native American, wanted to create a legacy of its own heroes and Crazy Horse was the one that was chosen. He asked a Polish immigrant’s son, Korczak Ziolkowski, to create the monument. Korczak was a self taught sculptor but, was well received and an award winner. After WW II service, Korczak agreed to sculpt the Crazy Horse Memorial.

Younger Korczak

There are 3 generations involved in the memorial. They refused 10 million dollars of US grant money so that it’s mission of memorial, museum and university could not be diminished.

Some artifacts from Korczak’s home.

On to Rushmore

Talked to fisherman and said lots of rainbow trout were caught yesterday but, not today.

A quick lunch and turn in Custer. 1880 Courthouse.

Gold miner monument

Devils Tower tomorrow.