Drive to Fredericksburg, TX via La Grange!

I was taking Texas 71 off I-10 to Fred and was going to get that iconic Texas courthouse in the historic square. As, I was leaving I saw 4 riders with yellow vests having that C2C look. They were. I called Rose Smith, SAG supreme and matriarch of all things long distance cycling to see where the tribe was. A rest stop at a HEB grocery store under a nice shade tree was where I found her. So coool!!!

A stop outside of La Grange at Back Porch BBQ and Grill. Chopped brisket sandwich with pickles and a side of pintos. Amazing! Went back to see if fellow C2C 2016 rider Gene Ice was there on a tandem with his great wife Rosalyn. Rose told me they were the last in everyday. I missed them. Rose promised me a picture. In Texas Hill Country with BAC. Love this ride and place. Will blog everyday! Big peace out Tres Dog

5 thoughts on “Drive to Fredericksburg, TX via La Grange!

  1. Love Fredericksburg and hill country. Definitely keep the pictures coming! And meal reports! Gib. ❤️

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