Drive to Fredericksburg, TX via La Grange!

I was taking Texas 71 off I-10 to Fred and was going to get that iconic Texas courthouse in the historic square. As, I was leaving I saw 4 riders with yellow vests having that C2C look. They were. I called Rose Smith, SAG supreme and matriarch of all things long distance cycling to see where the tribe was. A rest stop at a HEB grocery store under a nice shade tree was where I found her. So coool!!!

A stop outside of La Grange at Back Porch BBQ and Grill. Chopped brisket sandwich with pickles and a side of pintos. Amazing! Went back to see if fellow C2C 2016 rider Gene Ice was there on a tandem with his great wife Rosalyn. Rose told me they were the last in everyday. I missed them. Rose promised me a picture. In Texas Hill Country with BAC. Love this ride and place. Will blog everyday! Big peace out Tres Dog

6 thoughts on “Drive to Fredericksburg, TX via La Grange!

  1. Love Fredericksburg and hill country. Definitely keep the pictures coming! And meal reports! Gib. ❤️

  2. I was so sorry to miss you in La Grande and have lots of stories to tell you. One of the riders in 2024 was a good friend of Tom Coe the icecream man. I didn’t find out until the last evening of the ride. Apparently Tom still puts in 11,000 miles a year and pedals through blizzards although in 10 mile increments between coffee shops. Rosalyn and I were indeed last almost every day, particularly if there was a lot of climbing, but it’s incredible we were even able to ride after Rosalyn had an almost total tear of her hamstring when we tried to ride in 2022. In 2023 I also contracted rocky mountain spotted fever but didn’t know it. I had lots of red bumps on my arms chest and back but thought it was some kind of sun poisoning. I also got chilled when we stopped for sags of lunch. More stories to share. I’ve been looking for you ever since I missed you in La Grande. Wonderful to find your blog.

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