Day 2-Virginia Creeper Trail-Damascus to Abingdon, VA and back-31.6 and 636 feet of elevation.

A chance meeting with my new PA friends staying at Damascus Mill Inn. They had leftover fried chicken and potato wedges and I had half a fresh watermelon from the Farmer’s Market in Abingdon. Super people! PA Clan on trail with super dog, Harper, breaking hearts. Pic below.

I got away quick and it was cool but a glorious morning after egg casserole and biscuits and strawberry jam. Gib,

Holston River
Abingdon terminus
Almost featured image

My rear tire was going low and I pumped it enough to get back. A nice drive to Blowing Rock and Mellow Mushroom Puzza with Elli Sias, owner and tour consultant for Cycle of Life Adventures (COLA). I rode the Natchez Trace with Elli and Dennis. Super people and great tours. It was great to catch up. BR below.

Elli told me about Rhodie Bike shop in BR. Super shop fixed my flat and went through some things about going tubeless with my wheel set. Super nice people. Laying low maybe some Kilwin’s Ice Cream later. US 221 and Blue Ridge Parkway loop tomorrow. Big peace out Tres dog.