A year ago today…July 25, 2021

It was another day like any other day on a supported coast to coast bike ride. Day 47. A shorter day with a rest day coming up the day after. I had 2500 miles in the books and 80,000 feet of climbing. It was a negotiation between the city of Kalamazoo and the Kalamazoo River Valley Trail. It was felt the tough part of the miles of the trip had been accomplished.

At 9 miles into the ride, I took a 90 degree turn onto a wet, moldy, wooden and damp bridge. I was coming toward the other 90 degree turn and I hit my brakes. The rear end slid and then the bike floated upward parallel to the ground and then it came back to earth with a thud with my left side getting the worst. I lay there a minute or so only to watch Chrysa and Rich brake and fall themselves. Some others came up and I was picked up a couple of minutes later and on to the hospital.

I had nothing broken but was absolute toast. I knew that the trauma to the left side of my pelvis would not allow me to continue. I was fortunate that a fairly local C2C 2016 alum and his wife, Jim and Lois Sporer, were available after my rest day and scooped me up to go to their home, treated me royally and ever so nicely for a night. Early the following morning, Jim took me to Detroit airport and home I went. I could not believe how sore I was. Jim and Lois were my bike angels much like Rich and Chrysa had been.

I got home for an MRI of the thoracic/lumbar spine and ER visit that rule out any problems there. A large soft bubble appeared on my left hip that a trauma surgeon who I used to work with called a Morel-Lavallee lesion. A closed degloving injury between the fat and the fascia due to the trauma of the fall. Steroids an PT. A couple of months worth. It seemed to take forever.

2021 Northern tier group

I did take some time and got to go on a BAC ride in Cooperstown, NY in October.

Bubbafest with John I.

Midnight Parrotfish

Oahu and Maui for Christmas. Can’t show all pics.

Hana Hwy

Apalachicola with best bud Jim.

The commish!

Paddling the Withalacoochee River on Paddle Florida with great bud Chris.

A great road trip to Palm Springs and back.

Stu of VeloVets in Sierra Vista, AZ
Bisbee, AZ

Tucson with the commish!

Palm Springs

Bucket list ride in Joshua Tree Nat’l Park.

Monument Valley

Upper Antelope Canyon

Great weekend in Albuquerque.

Fredericksburg, TX and hill country.

Cycle Zydeco

I got home after this trip to understand from my pulmonologist that I had a Non Tubercullin Mycobacterium in my lungs. It was not asthma. It was evident that I had this infection for some time. I started a daily IV antibiotic regimen that I tolerated for a little over 2 months. Lots of side effects. I have started an oral regimen and begun riding again. Oh, brother.

All my friends have been so supportive.

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  1. I remember that day well. I kept calling your name and you were out cold. I was almost at a complete stop and was unclipped when I just touched my brakes and went down. Rich was behind me and did the same thing. As I was getting up you said “oh you guys did the same thing I did”. 😀The mosquitoes were attacking us as we waited for Steve who was nearby. We hated that you had to leave the trip, but glad that you recovered. Guess all of us will be careful on wooden bridges in the future! Love the photos!

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