Bisbee, AZ

A slow easy roll out of Sierra Vista and the longer route to Bisbee, which was really not that far. Grand scenery and there I was on the outskirts of Bisbee. The first stop was the Copper mine.

The next stop was the Evergreen Cemetery.

Just up the street from the cemetery was the Shady Dell. An antique RV motor court frozen in time and for rent.

I rolled into a quiet easy flowing Bisbee. Not like on the weekends.

I walked up to the Deli/Bakery and had a great Italian bean, carrot, potato and kale soup with a small baby spinach salad. Lemon bar takeaway, Gibby. Turkey and bacon sandwich for tonight. There you go Gib!

A sad sight was the closing of The Bisbee Bicycle Brothel on the main drag. A C2C staple. I peered in to see cabinets with bike stickers. The building on the left.

I got an early check in to the Canyon Rose Suites. A great place, I have stayed at before. Weather a little iffy will see about a ride somewhere tomorrow. Bisbee is at 5300 feet up. Peace out Tres dog