Day 2-Tucson loop ride-38.7 miles with 478 feet of elevation.

A slow rollout after breakfast in the other direction of the trail. Another beautiful day.

Nate and Maggie, C2Cers

I came upon a Bubba C2C reunion tour rest stop on the Loop. Ice cold water with peanut butter and banana tortilla roll ups. Good as the ever were Pete McCabe! Nice group at stop. Lots of questions about the e-bike. I was among my peeps. Tks Jeff and Mickey.

The commissioner wife to land at any moment. The world will be back on its right axis. El Corral tonight.

Bisbee to Kartchner Caverns State Park to Tucson-40 miles with 492 feet elevation on the Loop.

Featured image: multiple C2C alum, Mike Barga on the Loop with me.

An early rollout of Bisbee was bittersweet but, I was on time to attend the 9:45 AM cave tour of the big room. Mariella and I had been here in 2018. We did the other tour then. No pics inside but this could be the most pristine cave that I had ever been in.

Got to the hotel and checked in. Beautiful afternoon and went for a ride on the Loop. It’s 10 feet from my hotel. Saw Mike on the loop and we rode awhile together.

The wife is here tomorrow. Peace out Tres dog

Bisbee-Lowell-Day 2

A cold, very windy morning with clouds kept the cyclist inside and looking for breakfast. Bisbee Breakfast Club in Lowell, AZ. Lowell is a Americana Project that is fund raising to rehab, keep and maintain the main street from the 50’s and 60’s original.

A great easy day. Some rain made it easy to read. Tomorrow Tucson. Peace out Tres dog

Bisbee, AZ

A slow easy roll out of Sierra Vista and the longer route to Bisbee, which was really not that far. Grand scenery and there I was on the outskirts of Bisbee. The first stop was the Copper mine.

The next stop was the Evergreen Cemetery.

Just up the street from the cemetery was the Shady Dell. An antique RV motor court frozen in time and for rent.

I rolled into a quiet easy flowing Bisbee. Not like on the weekends.

I walked up to the Deli/Bakery and had a great Italian bean, carrot, potato and kale soup with a small baby spinach salad. Lemon bar takeaway, Gibby. Turkey and bacon sandwich for tonight. There you go Gib!

A sad sight was the closing of The Bisbee Bicycle Brothel on the main drag. A C2C staple. I peered in to see cabinets with bike stickers. The building on the left.

I got an early check in to the Canyon Rose Suites. A great place, I have stayed at before. Weather a little iffy will see about a ride somewhere tomorrow. Bisbee is at 5300 feet up. Peace out Tres dog

Day 3-Tour de Zona-Tombstone-35.5 miles with 1557 feet of elevation

Another beautiful start out of Sierra Vista and we actually started going downhill first finally on the last day.

A side note about the road on the outskirts of Sierra Vista. The community assist team and the Cochise County Sheriff’s dept. had the road closed all the way into Tombstone. So much of the route had no car traffic. It was great.

A selfie with Stu Carter. A retired USAF colonel who formed VeloVets, 5 years ago, a support group that incorporates cycling with all types of community support with disabled veterans, other veterans and other volunteers. I got to ride with Stu some and a super good guy. Keep up the good work, Stu.

The roll out of town was downhill out of Tombstone but with a stout wind in our face but beautiful scenery.

A good and interesting weekend. A little more March Madness this afternoon and chilling out. Bisbee tomorrow. Peace out Tres dog

Day 2-Tour de Zona-Bisbee loop-37.8 miles with 1778 feet of elevation.

It was a beautiful morning and I got away about 8:15.

At about mile 7, I took a right turn on the route and went over some real bumpy pavement while I was down shifting and got my chain wedged between the inside of the crank and the frame tightly. I could not get it to come out. 2 minutes after I stopped Mark the owner of Sun and Spokes bicycle shop came by and said he would take me to his shop and fix the problem. They did just that. Mark then took me to the bottom of Bisbee and let me reset my ride. Super nice guy. I climbed up through the main drag of Bisbee up to the top and through the Mule Pass Tunnel. I descended for miles into the valley.

Back to barn and lunch at The German Cafe. Zweibel Rahmschnitzel, a perfect pork loin cutlet that is breaded and fried ever so well and covered in the most heavenly roasted onion crème sauce. It was mouth watering along with german mashed potatoes and sweet and sour cabbage. How about that Gib.

Liking Sierra Vista! More about Bisbee in a couple of days. Peace out Tres dog

Day 1-Tour de Zona-Ramsey Creek Preserve-30.7 miles and 1391 feet of elevation

Campground and camping life for some at the park. Tribe seems friendly.

Gorgeous day with Sierra Vista at 4500 feet elevation. Mass start with VeloVets leading the ride. It was fun. 700 registered cyclists.

The route went up and up but it was beautiful. Also along a multi use off road bike path.

I got to the canyon turn around and wow!

The tribe going up as I went down.

We got back on the path and my rear tire was a little mushy. I was followed by some cyclists from Albuquerque and they stopped with me. Nice folks. Headed to bike shop. All fixed. They got all kinds of things out here including goat heads. Will be in Douglas with coasters for dinner tonight.

We got to sing with the coaster Cecil in the lobby of the Gadsden Hotel

Great Mexican dinner w the peeps. Big ride tomorrow Peace out Tres dog

Cross Country road trip-FLA to AZ-2086 miles in 4 days

Editor’s note: featured image is The Alamo

Another usual O’dark thirty roll out from Ruskin to drive the longest day of the trip to New Orleans. It was perfect getaway time. A fairly uneventful push until just outside of the Louisiana border and into NOLA. NO never seems to disappoint.

Yes it is Sam I am!
Hotel courtyard

A great meal at Muriel’s. Tremendous Seafood gumbo with rice, a baby spinach salad with shaved carrot, gorgonzola and slightly sweetened pecans and a small but melt in your mouth hot and delicious oyster and eggplant au gratin cooked to perfection. Pecan Praline for dessert. There you go Gibby!

A long sleep with a quick walk to the Ruby Slipper for a great Southern breakfast. Eggs, piping hot grits, applewood smoked bacon, homemade buttermilk biscuit with cane butter and one medium perfectly fried green tomato. There you go again Gibby!

Goodbye NOLA. Bittersweet. A dark overcast day with a splattering of rain and really strong winds as I drove. I-10 out of NO and after going westbound is the most incredible patchwork of miles and miles of causeway bridges through the cypress laden bayou waters of the Atchafalaya National Wildlife Refuge. It is beautiful. East of Lake Charles the heavens opened along with the wind really blowing. It shut down pretty quickly and away I went. East Texas was bayou like as well. San Antonio at last.

Dinner at Domingo’s Mexican Restaurant right on the Riverwalk. Great spinach salad with skillet cornbread and quinoa with bean, corn vegan chili with avocado, cheese and crema. Gib!

Alamo in the AM and then on to Van Horn. Downtown is amazing with old buildings.

Alamo was cool but no pictures inside.

A little later than expected getaway with the side trip to the Alamo but, a cool, sunny albeit windy day of the shortest drive of this leg I would do. Lunch in Ozona, TX at the local poco taco shop. Crispy beef taco with the best beans and cheese burrito I have ever eaten. Had a second one after those two. Ok Gibby.

On to Van Horn and the El Capitan Hotel.

A great dinner at the hotel dining room of pistachio encrusted sirloin steak country fried w jalapeño gravy on the side for me, mashed potatoes and grilled asparagus. Gib! On to Sierra Vista, AZ via El Paso, TX for the three day weekend ride of Tour de Zona.

3 times in Van Horn and not seen it!

A couple of hours got me to El Paso and the home of the AAA team of the San Diego Padres, the El Paso Chihuahuas. Beautiful field and cool mascot.

Down the road again with lunch and quick turn in the Old Mesilla District outside of Las Cruces, NM.

On the road again to Sierra Vista. A stop at Texas Canyon rest stop.

Yes, Virginia that is snow!

In after 4 continuous days of driving. The number up top is right. 30 miler tomorrow morning with VeloVets. Big peace out. T dog