Day 4-Rainbow River State Park to Cross Florida Greenway Recreation Area-Inglis Lock and Dam-17 miles.

A group photo at the lunch stop at the Goldendale boat ramp. Photo credit unknown but, glad it was taken. Nice crew!

A more over cast roll out with a little moisture but this improved as the day went along.

Fast guys
Our Rainbow River shuttle service-great guys

Lunch stop. Citrus County tourism chamber set it up for us. They were great. The river would meander around and go into Lake Rousseau. It was a tree laden lake until it was opened up for power boats with a channel. We had to be careful with the stumps that were submerged. It got a little windier too, still beautiful

Inglis Lock

Great spaghetti dinner. Great FPS speaker. A real turn of cold with frost on the kayaks and bundled up we were. 9 miler in the morning. Peace out Tres dog

Day 3-Layover day at Potts Preserve with 4-5 mile paddle up to the Rainbow River Run’s big multiple springs.

Easy roll out at 10 am with the group. Another pretty day. It like a spring laden river.

From the yak

This was a tourist attraction and had a few man made waterfalls. Some where not working.

I had the best Nathan’s hot dog at the concessionaire after a cool refreshing dip in the spring. Chris and I took a little detour in a side cut to a spring almost got stuck but, we got turned around.

Our tent city was comfy and our group was very special because of all their hospitality toward one another. It does not always happen that way.

Put in and take out

Folk singing underneath the stars.

A super layover day. A 17 mile day tomorrow. Peace out Tres dog

Day 2-Potts Preserve to Rainbow River State Park-20 miles

Chris and had a great sleep and away we went on the longest day of the trip.

Another beautiful day.

After about an hour we passed a boater who told the group about a spring right off the river.

Chris thought it would be a good time to go swimming so I couldn’t go anywhere so I swam too. Then Chris started swinging into the spring. Not me.

The river did not disappoint.


We did our 20 miles and we’re shuttled up to the state park for 2 nights. Peace out