Apalachicola bike tour-day 4- rain out

Awoke to cold and rain. An easy slow roll out breakfast of granola and french roast coffee. Some things done on the internet and I walked town a little for a stretch of legs.

Jim and I headed out to a kayak shop on St. George Island. We had a grocery store stop. We went back to Apalachicola and there were multiple BBQ vendors for the BBQ smoke off this weekend. We got pulled pork from the whole piece fresh with collard greens and baked beans with sausage and brisket. Also, ribs with creamy mac and cheese and sweet southern baked beans. We divided up the two BBQ plates. Unbelievable!

After lunch, I was able to teach Jim about a Japanese art playing card game very popular in Hawaii called Hana Fuda. My wife and I bought the cards on our last vacation to Hawaii and began playing every night. Jim was a quick learner and the game initially is very different than regular playing cards due to the number of suits, 4 in a regular deck and 12 in a Hana Fuda deck. We will play again due to the weather.

Easy evening with Carla and Jim homemade meatballs, sauce and pasta with salad and veggies. Hope to ride tomorrow. Peace out Tres dog

4 thoughts on “Apalachicola bike tour-day 4- rain out

  1. T-Dawg! That BBQ extravaganza sounds phenomenal! Then, Jim & Carla’s spaghetti dinner sounds great as well. Give them my best. I hope you get a ride in.

  2. Hope your weather and paths are clear now, Tres. Seems like nothing stops you from having a good time. But too much Southern cooking will slow you down. Be careful there even though I would be right there with you digging into the BBQ. Stay well and safe.

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