Apalachicola bike tour day 3-Cape San Blas-30.5 miles.

Jim and I had a really nice slow rollout after a hearty country breakfast of scrambled eggs with sharp Tillamook cheddar and chopped scallions, doubled cooked fried red potatoes with red onions, Nueske’s Applewood smoked bacon, english muffins with home made blueberry preserves and Kona coffee. Properly nourished, Jim and I went for a town cruise on bikes around Apalachicola.

We had great town ride and Jim went back. I headed for Cape San Blas.

I had turned onto Franklin County Route 30 and the sky was becoming darker and the temperature dropped noticeably…it was coming just not sure when.

I made the turn onto Cape San Blas Rd and their own bike path.

I got about 1/2 mile or so from the turn and it began to rain. My plan was ride up close to the entrance of the state park and Jim would meet me there and we would walk the coastal trail on the water a bit on the bay.

Jim scooped me up pretty quick and out to the park we went. St. Joe Shrimp Co lunch of Shrimp, Oysters, cheese grits, slaw and hush puppies. Raining really hard now. Expect same for tomorrow. Peace out Tres dog

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