Day 10-Haleakala Crater downhill to Haiku, Maui

An early out to the bike outfitter in Haiku. Safety video with Helmet and equipment fit. Up we went. Great guide and service. Kimo. I stopped at a lookout before Haiku.


A bike fit at 6500 feet and a fast start downhill.

You are moving so fast that all your attention is on the task. Not a lot of pictures unless you stop and no water bottle cages by design.


Zen mission coming into Paia and The House of Mick Fleetwood.

Bill Clinton signed it.

Great day. Snorkel and picnic lunch on the beach. Slack key music show tomorrow night. Peace out Tres dog

2 thoughts on “Day 10-Haleakala Crater downhill to Haiku, Maui

  1. Love the signed ‘Rumours’ album. I want to hear more about Mick’s house when you return. “It’s good to be T-Dawg”!
    – Gibby

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