Pre Bubbafest- John Pennekamp State Park

Featured image photo credit: the internet universe via the wife. Midnight Parrotfish. Stunning.

We finally got to snorkel at 12 noon today. It was wild because a woman waiting for the trip had a dog that bit someone and then she took it on the boat. They threw her off with her dog and her husband. Can’t make it up.


Then, we had to rescue or stay with a boat that was dead in the water until the USCG came. Delayed our trip.

I had a fish eye attachment that had gotten some water in it somehow. Salvaged a coupled of pics. Not my usual quality but, it was great to be in the water. I have removed the attachment. Dry Tortugas Thursday.

Ride starts tomorrow

Stout Gumbo Limbo‘s. Ride starts tomorrow. Peace out Tres dog

5 thoughts on “Pre Bubbafest- John Pennekamp State Park

  1. Have a great trip! Say Hi to Bubba for me see if he remembers when I registered at Bike Florida and he was handing out the shirts my friend and I came up for 2-2x and then when he saw us he would say 2-2x. I knew him from Shoreline 30 years ago. Rich Dombrow

  2. and the husband! Wow can’t imagine anything better than hanging out on the water, waiting, waiting, waiting, but who cares?! Salt air, gentle boat rocking and a circus of crazies. Sounds like heaven. Be safe Tres Dog and don’t bite anyone.

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