Day 40-Chippewa Falls to Colby-Abbotsford, WI-71.4 miles with 3022 feet of elevation.

It was a little later rollout but, not a lot.

The signage was great all day. This one reminded me of Mariella

I rode with Rich and Chrysa until lunch in these amazing farms and forests.

After my SAG lunch I was able to watch the Mennonite and Amish farmers leaving church in horse drawn carriages, cars and the youth on bicycles. It is Sunday.

A little later in the day I was able to pass one of these carriages. The hand built carriages were beautiful and the elegance of the single horse pulling the carriage with such discipline, power and finesse. A bucket list thrill for this bike rider.

We rode on into town of Colby for a festival and a free milkshake.

Central Wisconsin Concertina Club
Tractor pull

A beautiful day and glad to be done. One more riding day and a much needed rest day Peace out Tres dog