Day 38-Monticello, MN to Hudson, WI-74 miles and 2030 feet of elevation.

Featured image: Dunning Historic School.

An early rollout due to a tricky turning day to get around the North St. Paul area and into Wisconsin. The route map had a 91 turn day. So we had a triple digit turn day.

The day started out innocent enough and then we found civilization.

Coon Rapids Dam and multi use path over the Mississippi River
Photo credit: Chrysa Niewald

It seemed we were on every bike trail that this area had to offer. It could be difficult to navigate back and forth trail to road and then back again.

Photo credit: Chrysa Niewald

The route got us to the St. Croix river and the Wisconsin state line.

It was a long day and the barn could not come soon enough. Peace out Tres dog

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