Day 25-Sidney, MT-Wibaux, ND-57.6 miles with 3006 feet of elevation then SAG to Beach, ND.

Featured image photo credit: Ray Goodfellow. Stunning sunrise over the Yellowstone River. Maybe one of the nicest pictures of this trip, so far. An early 5 am rollout got us out of town with dramatic weather along the route.

There had been a late change of plans due to the quality of the rest day hotel and we were rerouted to Wibaux. It was gravel.

We had to break into some gravel.

Photo credit: Janet Casto
Some worse gravel
Photo credit: Cynthia Plante

We met a rancher/farmer/land owner named Ron and when he saw me the first cyclist coming down the hill he thought he was seeing things. Real nice guy and I thanked him for his hospitality.

We finally got to asphalt and it was a very hilly 31 miles on gravel and single track. It was really starting to get hot and we sagged to the hotel instead of 10 more miles of gravel to Wibaux.

We had packed our stuff up and went to an early dinner at the local brewery. It was a great meal.

A needed rest day in Beach, ND. Peace out Tres dog