Day 3-Skykomish to Leavenworth, WA-52.5 miles and 3735 feet of elevation.

Skykomish was magical but, it was time to leave with the threat of weather, rain and ambient coolness. This is something foreign to this Floridian. Oh, we had to cross Spencer Pass causing such elevation. We went out US 2.

At mile 6 1/2 we crossed onto Old Cascade Rd. OMG. It was called something else, too.

We got back on US 2 for the uphill that was Spencer Pass. I had a glitch with the cadence sensor but it was fixed at the top of the pass. 37 degrees at 4061 feet. I was freezing a good chunk of this day after the summit. Brrr.

Zoom down the big hill. The creek at the SAG.

Water running next to the road would be a recurring theme.

A road picture for a change

I stopped at The Alps Fudge and Candy Store for FUDGE.

A spill way before town.

Ubiquitous Vince selfie

Rest day in this hamlet. A planned move for us. Peace out Tres dog

Ranger Owl!