Day 1-Bellevue to Sultan, WA- 40 miles with 1620 feet of elevation.

The first day! It was a gorgeous day leaving Bellevue with a great group of fellow coasters.


We headed out toward SR 520 bike trail and before the entrance to the trail our oldest rider Rose fell after what she explained was it was hard to breathe and did not know what happened next. She fell hard on her left shoulder and and it was real painful. The whole group was great with her. It fell to me and another RN on the trip to assess and see what was needed to be done. Rose was able to get to the side of the road and get her bearings. The left side of the helmet was cracked. Everyone was so great and caring that it was so great it humbled me. Rose was taken by the tour manager to the hospital. It was learned that she had a small heart attack but, no collarbone break. After a pretty long break we started up again.

We got to the Sammamish River Trail. OMG.

Another fall happened on the trail involving Chrysa and Janet. It was a slow dust up but, both fell leaving them sore in a few spots but, they went on for a pizza lunch. A huge climb after lunch. Toughest grade was 18%. Beautiful scenery.

Totem pole at Monroe Correctional Center.


Into Sultan WA.

For my favorite pro selfie photographer bud, Vince!

8 thoughts on “Day 1-Bellevue to Sultan, WA- 40 miles with 1620 feet of elevation.

  1. Sorry to learn of the mishaps for fellow riders but it sounds like proper care administered and a fine group of concerned cyclists. Love the pix. And the selfies to honor VJC, the Savant of Selfies is apt. Enjoy the ride Tres.

  2. Sending positive thoughts and prayers to your fellow riders and yourself for a safe journey.. love the scenery.
    I’m sure the Terry’s are enjoying your pictures and travel log. We are proud of your medical knowledge and abilities. Stay safe!

  3. Quite a sobering way to start the trip…but that river trail looks so amazing. I love the shot of the bookstore!
    Have fun…appreciate it for all of us back home. Love, Land T

    1. “Totem pole atMonroe Correctional facility” – you can’t make this stuff up! And the ‘Kiss the Sky Bookstore”…be safe.

  4. Tres thanks so much for keeping the blog going for your Northern Tier. Nothing better than following along vicariously. Hope your posse day 2 is less eventful. Stay safe.
    Nan W

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