TNT-Day 4 Agua Caliente Park and a taste of Lemmon

I started with Pete and his friend, Mark, who finally received his bike. They left early from the ride and I continued on toward Mount Lemmon alone. I started on Catalina Highway and it is the false flat up into Lemmon. I got 1.5 miles up Mt. Lemmon and actually had settled in my granny gear and it seemed like it was time to descend.

Whoosh down the hill into Agua Caliente Park.

The ride back from the park was great.

Peace out Tres dog

3 thoughts on “TNT-Day 4 Agua Caliente Park and a taste of Lemmon

  1. T-Dog, I love the featured photo. Also, I hope you didn’t challenge a public bus with your bike! Be safe and Enjoy.

  2. Really enjoy your photos and comments. Love the anniversary blog and congratulate you and Mariella (whom I’ve yet to meet) on 35 years of marriage. So wonderful and your gesture of the marquee was especially sweet. Thank you for including me on your wonderful journey.

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