Day 7-Port Gibson, MS to Northern Terminus-42 miles with 1200 feet of elevation

It was a bittersweet roll out of Port Gibson and the oasis of our B’n’B, Isabella’s. Some pics of Port Gibson.


The road again did not disappoint.

Mount Locust historic hotel

Down the road heading for Terminus and Natchez, MS.

Post ride BBQ
Mighty Miss

Cycle of Life Adventures was top shelf and a great experience was had. Dennis and Elie were great. 312 miles for me and home soon. Peace out Tres

Day 5-French Camp to Jackson, MS-53 miles and 515 feet of elevation for me

I left French Camp after a great sleep with a good breakfast. French Camp was great.

The day was overcast but dry as we headed out. The road was beautiful again.

There were bald cypress swamps on the side of the road.

On the ride into lunch it began to sprinkle a little and then it stopped. My sore bottom bracket continued to be problematic but, I went on from lunch. I grabbed my raincoat in its little bag and snapped it to one of the seat rails. A mile down the road I put it on for warmth. At mile 53 for me it was raining with a little more strength and the SAG was on the side of the road. Other valiant souls kitted up for rain and went on. Peace out Tres

Day 2-Hohenwald to MM 338 then Florence, AL-60 miles-2400 feet of elevation.

A big country breakfast at our location to jump back on the Trace. Started fine but, a lot of gentle up mile after mile that kept me busy. I started to turn square circles into the rest stop but, improved some after a break. My pics of the day.

Merriwether Lewis was at this spot in his home and was KILLED for money.
Different in Bama.

Blew the end of the route! You cannot make it up. In Florence for the night in very cool hotel. Big roll tomorrow. Peace out Tres

TNT Tour-Day 5 Colossal Cave-48 miles and 1700 feet of elevation

Pete and I climbed out of the valley as we headed for the cave. The road was amazing and an actual Gila Monster sighting from the side of the road that allowed a picture. The featured image by yours truly.

The ride back was mostly downhill and windy but a turn made things better. Pete had been a great riding partner all week.

I have a real early departure tomorrow to get to Texas then the next day on to Memphis then Nashville. Natchez Trace on Monday Peace out Tres

TNT-Day 4 Agua Caliente Park and a taste of Lemmon

I started with Pete and his friend, Mark, who finally received his bike. They left early from the ride and I continued on toward Mount Lemmon alone. I started on Catalina Highway and it is the false flat up into Lemmon. I got 1.5 miles up Mt. Lemmon and actually had settled in my granny gear and it seemed like it was time to descend.

Whoosh down the hill into Agua Caliente Park.

The ride back from the park was great.

Peace out Tres dog