The road to Sanibel

The road to Sanibel went a rather round about way via Matlacha! The wife was ready fairly quickly and away we went. Nice drive to Matlacha Community Park. Great put in at park.

We paddled out and I was able to show Mariella where I stayed in January. The canal was full of pelicans and the Lormalove (spelling) gallery.

We headed out from Porpoise Island Point. Ripping day with amazing visibility in the water. Stingrays, fish, jellyfish and all kinds of birds.

A great seafood lunch of grouper and shrimp from the Blue Dog. Fabulous with a waterfront picnic table.

In Sanibel and ready for the beach. Family values bike ride on the trail tomorrow. Peace out Tres

4 thoughts on “The road to Sanibel

  1. It’s good to be T-Dawg & the Commish! The lunch and waterfront picnic table look great. Thanks for the “swag bag”. Wore the shirt yesterday. Peace.

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