Apalachicola Day 5-St. Joseph Peninsula Park-Cape San Blas

I was up earlier than my wife and fixed breakfast. I took a 5 mile urban town ride and it was neat. The oyster shucker conveyor belt was busy.

We went Box R WMA on the way to Cape San Blas. The hiking was beyond the railroad crossing and the fence. No big walking today due to weather.

We headed out for the park to find the fury of Hurricane Michael. It had devastated the park.

We went to the beach/boat ramp that was all that was open.

At the front of the park was short boardwalk and trail next to the water. It was lovely.

Another great Up the Creek restaurant late lunch of Oysters and Shrimp. No rain yet but it feels like it is coming. Peace out Tres

Apalachicola Day 4-Paddle on Scipio Creek

It was decided that a paddle today would be the thing to do before a predicted change in the weather for tomorrow was forecasted. Two minutes from our place was the put in.

The wind was at our back and the tide coming in while we paddle up the creek. We did not paddle hard but knew we would have to paddle harder on the way home.

We turned and started to put in and town and the river got busier.

Lunch at our place, a little down time and a careful walk downtown.

Not sure what tomorrow brings. Peace out Tres

Apalachicola Day 3- 33 plus miles

It was decided earlier that I would take my classic, old favorite ride east bound on US 98 over the Apalachicola bridge and causeway. Mariella would go to Tate’s Hell State Forest for some more walking.

This stretch of US 98 between Apalachicola and Carrabelle may be the prettiest coastal road in Florida. For the cyclist, the wind is a huge factor. Eastbound, the wind was hitting me head on at 10-15 mph and non stop. I got off the causeway, US 98, to hop on the scenic byway.

This took me to the bridge over to St. George Island bridge OR the fishing pier bridge. I went to the pier.

I got back on the scenic route until in Eastpoint I had to get back on US 98. The route is beautiful.

US 98

After a 15 mile headwind ride. I saw the turnoff for Tate’s Hell State Forest. I saw a nice picnic table and a good forest service road and I decided I would go into the forest. It was a tale of two rides. So cool.

A 4 1/2 mile turn in the forest and saw a bobcat and a long thin bright green snake sunning itself. The turn put the wind at my back for an easy putt home.

Back to town and some 13 mile seafood for tonight. Fresh Yellow Tail Tuna Steaks and steamed shrimp.

XL large. Best I have had. I had to take a sample. More pics tomorrow of historic downtown. Kayak paddle up Scipio Creek tomorrow. Peace out Tres

Apalachicola Day 2

It was already decided that we would hike in the Apalachicola Nat’l Forest. Some quick research had us going to Wright’s Lake Recreation Center in the forest. Up the forest service roads off of Route 65.

Wright’s Lake was beautiful.

We headed out with lunch in the back pack. It was so still. It felt like the forest was just ours and for most of the day it was.

We got to a creek with a bend in the trail.

We had to cross Coffee Branch Creek on a single board

The trail and the forest were amazing.

There was a type of sink with cypress trees in them made this incredible image.

It was time for lunch and it was great.

We walked a little further and we had gotten back to the car on a glorious North Florida afternoon.

The drive back down Route 65 afforded us these images.

Fresh local crab cakes and veggie steamer. Big ride tomorrow. Peace out Tres

Apalachicola Day 1

It was a lazy roll out because it was cold here. No riding with cold and wind. We went to St. George’s Island State Park. A barrier island that has that barren sand dune moonscape feel.

Went Up the Creek for takeout. Oysters n Shrimp. Cool look on Scipio Creek.

Late lunch with hike planned for tomorrow. Peace out Tres

Apalachicola Bound

I was taking the commish for a week vacation to Apalachicola. A road trip to the panhandle. We had a picnic lunch at Fanning Springs State Park on the Suwannee River.

Previous Paddle Florida trip stop. We were on it.

The springs.

Sopchoppy to US 98 along the water beautiful.

49 Palmetto. We’re in upstairs apt. for a week.

Fresh Bay Scallops in pasta tonight. Peace Tres

Bike packing trip Lake Manatee State Park-82.5 miles

I have had a bucket list type of a ride to do from my house. A self contained bike camping trip to a couple of state parks. I kitted up my Rivendell and yesterday I rolled out.

The plan was a two nighter with tent and most meals on board. The route was an old round trip bike ride favorite to Rutland Ranch Road, 22 years ago. The rollout was great with the wind pushing me down US 41. The wind caught me and my tank across Buckeye Rd. Next stop, Parrish. No PJ’s sandwich shop. Fried chicken from Los Primos. Rutland Ranch Rd.


SR 64 and bridge over creek into Lake Manatee.

Site 26 Home Sweet Home. Electricity and water. Killer hot shower. Beautiful day to ride.

MRE of Mountain House Beef Stroganoff. Good and filling. Payday bar and sunset.

The night was long, dark, cold and full of nature breaks. Smartwool, goose down and patience. A long sleep finally had the sleeping bear up for instant Starbucks and Irish oatmeal with raisins and walnuts. A slow pack up to let the tent dry and a ride through the park. My site.

A nice roll out with the trucks on SR 64 to Rye Rd. and the giraffe.

An all time SMBC favorite, Spencer-Parrish Rd.

Into Parrish and by the Florida Railroad Museum. I had thought earlier in the day that I would bypass Little Manatee State Park and just go home. This was the case. I will do an overnighter to Little Manatee River State Park next month. peace out Tres