Marie Selby Botanical Gardens and Mariella Smith’s birthday

It was decided after a lazy rollout of coffee, muffins, cards, gifts, sung voice mail messages, phone calls and internet that we would go to Marie Selby for my wife’s birthday.

The entrance was a beautiful display of epiphytes or orchids or bromeliads.


Mariella and I wandered the grounds in mostly shade next to Sarasota Bay.

There was an installation of Dali imagery in conjunction with the garden.

A beautiful lunch at Michel’s Cafe. Great. Then some other great images.

Happy birthday Mariella.

6 thoughts on “Marie Selby Botanical Gardens and Mariella Smith’s birthday

  1. Wow!
    Thanks for sharing the gorgeous pictures of the gardens and Dali twists!

    What a cool birthday—

  2. Belated Happy Birthday, Marcella! Looks like a beautiful day was had. Here’s to hoping this trip around the sun is better than the last. Be well. Peace.

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