Tuesday morning Aitutaki

I may start to sound redundant but, a lazy rollout, grand breakfast and fairly nice weather. Mariella informed me directly after breakfast that I needed to take a bike ride before she would be ready to kayak and or snorkel in our backyard lagoon. The road and I obliged. I got a different bike, a mtn bike, and off I went.

I headed north toward the airport.

Then went to see some places I had considered to stay at before deciding to stay at Etu Moana. Also the view from Boatshed Restaurant.

The helper from our lagoon cruise Joel. Real great guy.

I returned to find Mariella ready to snorkel. There are lots of fish where we are at. It was great we snorkeled for an hour and a half. Same underwater pics as before with a couple of new finds. Visibility already deteriorating.

Shower, lunch of tuna fish, nap and reading got us to a great dinner time stroll down the beach to Sam’s. Polynesian heaven. Storm coming. Stay tuned. Kia Orana Tres dog

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