Rarotonga to Aitutaki

A morning return of e-bikes and a super easy shuttle into the airport had us checked in on the way out of Raro. The flight was great and unlike the littler plane, that held 12, this plane held 36 people and had a stewardess.

Our hotel had a shuttle for us organized and beautiful leis to wear. We are staying at Etu Moana Villas and we are very close to the beach, pool and breakfast. The villa is the most luxurious of our stay.

The grounds are beautiful.

We went for lunch down the beach at Tamanu Restaurant. Two beautiful pieces of Mahi. Down for nap and then I snorkeled from our place. OMG. Let the pictures do the talking.

We had tried to book a lagoon cruise for Sunday. Not an easy task in the Cook Islands. We did get a reservation with Kia Orana Charters. We also made a reservation that Sunday for BBQ night at Tamanu.

Had the best local pizza at Local Grinds with Sam and Beverly. Two lovely people. Sam gave us only his second homegrown pineapple with some passion fruit and bananas. All we had to promise was to return the top.

Peace out Tres

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  1. Looks like you are having a wonderful time,better than me, the pt I am going thru is painful as expected. But thanks for the care when I fell, the heart Dr said I dodged a bullet

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