Aitutaki lagoon cruise

Editor’s note: Featured image photo credit to Nicole Smith. One of the great people on our cruise.

We had the best breakfast during our time in the Cook Islands at Etu Moana. Fresh ground local coffee filtered in French press with fresh local baked breads and pastries. Fresh local fruit, dragonfruit, pineapple, star fruit, coconut, bananas and papaya. Sliced cheeses, ham, tomatoes, eggs, yogurt and cereals with juices or coconut water. And more I do not even remember.

We were picked up by Sean our captain and his first mate Joel. There were ten of us on a very seaworthy metal boat with a big Saltwater Yamaha. A full awning to keep us from “frying like bacon” and the itinerary of seven island tour in this incredibly stunning lagoon. Sean was a great captain and historian. We went to the first island where Survivor was filmed.

The other side of the island proved to be breathtaking with some wildlife.

Another just small sand island and swim. Yellowfin tuna preparation.

One Foot Island idyllic views and coconut palms and Giant Trevally. More about them later.

Photo credit above to Nicole Smith

Another island and lunch stop. Sean has the tuna grilled with hot dogs, potato salad, Cole slaw, fresh watermelon and passion fruit with the best cooked bananas I ever ate. Sean played ukulele and sang. It was Polynesian heaven.

Photo credit above to Nicole Smith

On to snorkeling, with Giant Trevally being fed at times too closely to me by Joel. Everyone got a kick out of seeing me try to miss the 50-100 lb fish. Also the giant clams.

A return to Etu Moana and Mariella got our passports and they were stamped from One Foot Island, Aitutaki, Cook Islands. Sean and Joel were great. This lagoon seems like a seventh wonder of the world.

On to BBQ at Tamanu and Nick Henry the manager welcomed everyone personally island style. We had some of our tour group at the Q. Greatest day. Peace out Tres

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