Aitu on the cave tour day

We met our guide, Ben, for a cave walk into the Anatakitaki cave in search of the indigenous, cave dwelling and echo locating bird only found on Aitu. The Kopeka bird. The walk was hard while de scrambled across sharp old coral rock that was once the ocean floor. The cave was amazing.

It had openings to the outside and then went back into itself.

Ben. Sweetest man. Great guide.

We went further into the cave and saw where the Kopeka bird lived. We turned off our lights and could here there echo locating sounds made. It was a life list walk.

We walked out and Ben took us to Super Brown for lunch takeaway.

We went back for swim, shower and nap. Another great community meal. This place is amazing. Peace out Tres

2 thoughts on “Aitu on the cave tour day

  1. What does one get for lunch @ the Super Brown? Amazing pictures in the cave. “It’s good to be Tres & Mauri”!!

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