I had to go away on business and Jordan Miller of Velo Champ had a demo Brompton for me to use. Very cool.

Got into Austin airport and there was the Barbara Jordan statue.

I got to my hotel ate something and the snap the Brompton together and down to the river trail I went.

Had a good early dinner with a colleague and watched the World Series. Business meeting the next day with the wife arriving. We planned to go to the Austin Film Festival and see the world premiere of Cowboys at the Paramount Theater a 104 year old movie house. Very cool. Literally a 45 degree night.

Pepe Serna. Actor. Scarface remember the shower scene?

Another good day of training and I took another ride that afternoon. Chamber weather.


Went back to hotel to grab wife and attend a second movie at the Austin Film Festival. We got to see the big La Vida parade figures. We caught a march for Lebanon.

We went to Fonda San Miguel for dinner and it was amazing. Best meal we had this weekend.

Another great day of training and home we come. Peace out Tres