Day 12-Marlborough to Bath-41.5 miles with 1130 feet of elevation

We left The Castle and Ball a little later due to a later breakfast. 

The road out of town was beautiful and a little hilly. 

A local cycling club on their Saturday ride. 

We got to see the horse painting on the mountain in Alton Barnes. 

We had a tea SAG at Horton. 

The road was again great. 

We got to Devizes and started on the canal trail. It was unpaved. 


The path and the locks in some places were so picturesque.

The trail had begun to get a lot tougher and rougher. 

The whole canal and narrow boats thing in this part of England seems to be a way of life. Bradford on Avon. 

We had to walk through a hippie flea market in the more bohemian section of these canal boats. Very cool. 

The next really beautiful place on the canal was Avoncliff. 

It had been windy and threatening rain with a little rain but then it really started and we took to the Gore tex. 

The rain stopped and we got into Bath fine. Early gourmet Italian dinner and a lazy night. Rest day in Bath tomorrow. Peace out Tres

2 thoughts on “Day 12-Marlborough to Bath-41.5 miles with 1130 feet of elevation

  1. Were the River boats taaaxis, house boats or recreational? The solar panels on some of them were pretty smart. Enjoy Bath.
    When Don and II were there in the late Eighties, Don found a Chiropractor for an adjustment. I bet you could use a massage about now.
    Stay safe,

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